7 creative ideas for decorating your new home

Ideas for decorating your new home

Are you planning to relocate soon? The process of finding Orlando movers prices and moving can be quite time-consuming. If you are selling, prepare your home so that someone will fall in love with it and buy it – this is work in itself. Then there is the task to pack and clean your old place. And then there is the actual moving, unpacking and decorating of a new home. Imagination is as valuable as a big budget when it comes to ideas for decorating your new home.

Here are some useful ideas for decorating your new home

Before you start doing anything, you should get rid of stuff you don’t need. So, put all the extras in storage Orlando and start decorating. Choose the best options for you and your current situation.

1. Use a rug with a long runner under the bar stools

Bar stools themselves can be works of art. They create a pleasant point of linear symmetry in the room and can add color or texture. They can usually be found on top of a tile or hardwood/laminate floor, where the kitchen goes into the living room.

Bedroom design
With these ideas for decorating your new home, you will make yourself a small personal paradise

Placing a long rug under your bar stools can really warm the hard floor. It can give a large empty area a certain character and combine it with colors in your curtains and on benches, etc.…. so that the kitchen and living room flow smoothly together. And before you say it, yes, your carpet will become very dirty in this area. But we would not be so frivolous to suggest it without knowing that there are some excellent options for carpets in materials that are very easy to keep clean.

2. Create a special wall mat

Do you have an ultra-neutral living room that you would like to look into and breathe life into? Consider a unique feature of the wall mat. It immediately brings texture and charm to the dreary room. If you are conservative, you do not need to overdo it with bright, fancy patterns. But, if you like it, make a bold choice and use an art wall mat.

3. Cozy dining bench/seat with sheepskin

Those sheepskin rugs used to be a common thing in small cottages, and not because of their beauty. But alas, the sheepskin rug has today become one of the most fashionable accessories for the living room. A fun and unusual way to use them is on the dining room bench/chairs.

Sheepskin rug
They not only give a cozy wooden or industrial look, but are also practical and add a bit of comfort

4. Smoothly transfer the loud artistic function of the wall to a neutral room

We do not know what it is in art, but people just become attached to it. They like what they like, and once they do, they will not hesitate. If you just need your loud artistic drawing to hang on the wall, no big deal. But how do you do this and keep your contemporary neutral room theme untouched? Using a rug for a smoother transition of art into your room is a great solution. Find a carpet with a neutral base color that has a soft pattern with the least loud color in the picture. Keep it on the floor in the zone of visibility of the picture and voila! Your picture no longer looks so sharp compared to the room.

5. Create a hanging room divider for the study corner

Using a rug as a separator in a room is a great idea. In large rooms, a solid rug will work very well as a separator. You can use steel wire anchors that hang from the roof to attach it. Or another way is to have a long steel bar at the top (hinged to the wall) to hold the rug (for example, as it was displayed in stores). In a small room, a lighter fabric/tapestry rug will work better with some transparency, so it will not diminish the feel of your room. But remember, you cannot do that if you are renting a home, or at least not before you ask your landlord.

6. Bring a special chair/chaise longue to life

There are so many incredible chairs and loungers on the market. Nowadays, most of the decent sized rooms have an armchair. When this chair is the most gorgeous thing in the room, how do you immediately draw attention to it? Well, by combining it with the same amazing carpet! And surprisingly, we mean in the complementary way, not the way “to get the upper hand and dominate the room”. High-quality cowhide rugs are the perfect choice to combine with a modern armchair. They are not too prominent and not too bright to divert attention from the chair, but they are interesting, slim and just oozing.

7. Create a grand entrance to your living area from the hallway

One of the favorite features in home design is the nice wide opening from the hallway to the main living room. The design you choose here is like a proud representative inviting you to the most important room in the house. Some minimalists would totally disagree. But, in our opinion, the ideal entrance would have a thin, stuffy table in the hall, in the center of which there was a large mirror with a magnificent frame.

Colorful carpet
Your choice of the rug here should be bold, but not overbearing

Flowers and plants on the sides and some tabletop homeware that work in the colors of the room. It would also have an amazing rug, centered in the opening to the living room. It is just beautiful and adds value to your Florida home. The rug really is the centerpiece and leads you into the living room.

Well, that’s all. Some great ideas for decorating your new home in a slightly more unique way than most. Let these ideas drive your own imagination and make your design choices your own.


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