Apartment Moving Mistakes to Avoid in Orlando, FL

You’re short on time. The landlord wants to complete a last-minute walk-through before you turn over the keys. Oh, and the kids are upset because they are hungry and tired! This is a familiar process for many apartment tenants during a move, but it doesn’t have to be. Take control of your relocation by avoiding the mistakes that lead to the final hours rush of trying to move out of an apartment.

As an Orlando moving company, AAA Insta-Move has helped many customers with apartment moves. We have found that there are a few common mistakes almost everyone makes before the big moving day, and there are simple fixes for them!

Not Taking the Time to Move Properly

Tenants usually feel rushed to move out of their existing apartment and into the new one before the start of the next month. This can leave many trying to do too many things at once during a move. It’s easy to forget something important, like ending cable service or even leaving you tempted to just throw all belongings into unorganized boxes and bags. Start planning and packing as early as possible to reduce the need to cut corners at the end of the month.

Underestimating the Scope of Your Move

You may not realize how much stuff you own, which becomes an issue during a relocation. It’s easy to assume that since you live in an apartment, it will only take a few days to pack and move your belongings. However, the closets hold a lot of ‘hidden’ belongings and furniture is much harder to move than most think. Apartment movers can be helpful, even if you just need a little extra help on moving day.

Not Organizing Everything!

As mentioned previously, there is a temptation to throw everything into random boxes to make packing go faster. However, it takes a long time to unpack all your belongings and put them in the right place in your new home. Not to mention the frustration of needing something right away and not being able to find it. If you are limited on time, try to put together one or two ‘first night’ bags with your essentials. These are items you use regularly and need, including:

  • Silverware and dishware
  • Snacks, tea, coffee
  • Electronics, entertainment
  • A few days of clothing
  • Bedding
  • Hygiene products

Not Contacting an Orlando Moving Company

A skilled team of apartment movers in Orlando can greatly simplify your relocation whether you are moving locally or across the country. AAA Insta-Move offers insurance valuation, packing, moving, and unpacking and set up of your belongings and everything in between. Find out more about our Orlando storage and moving options by calling one of our representatives. You can also get a complimentary, convenient price quote for your relocation by filling out our online form.


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