Benefits of renting storage when moving home

benefits of renting a storage when moving home

People move a lot nowadays, for different reasons. When moving, you go through many stressful situations. That’s why all the possible tips that can help the moving process and make it easier and quicker – they are always welcome. One of these things is renting storage spaces. Renting one of those storage units can really come in handy when relocating your home. However, you are still not sure about it, because you don’t want to spend any more money, but you still need some more storage. Well, let’s talk about what are the benefits of renting storage when moving home, so you can easily decide whether you need it or not.

A storage unit will help you sell your old home

You are selling your old home? Well, renting a storage unit will surely help you with it. You want to make your home as saleable as possible. That means you can remove all the unnecessary items from it, so it is as spacious as possible. When potential buyers come to look at your home, they will see the true beauty of it. It is natural that you have stuff that piled up over the years – we all do. However, you can remove most of it out of your home when potential buyers come to take a look at it.

One of the benefits of renting storage when moving home – you will sell your home much easier!

Be careful what do you store in a storage unit

Removing items from your home is great. However, there is one thing you can do when packing. It is decluttering of your home. Go through your items and see if there are some items you can get rid of (and we are sure there are). Try selling them, or simply donate them or throw them away if they are too old and useless. Therefore, you will save some space at both your home and your storage unit, packing only items you really need and moving to your new home.

Benefits of renting storage when moving home – help before and after the move

Renting a storage unit is a good idea, and it should be done before you start packing for the move. Therefore, you can pack and move slowly, not depending on the moving date. You will adjust your moving pace to your own time and have free space ready all the time. If you rent a storage unit before the move, you can start packing in advance. Start with packing you don’t really need, and continue with the more important and bigger items as you get closer to the moving day. The same goes when yous tart moving in – you can do it step by step and avoid having a huge pile of boxes in the middle of your new home.

packing and labeling supplies
Packing will be easier if you have some extra space – one of the benefits of renting storage when moving home

Extra tip: Be sure to clearly label all the boxes. If you pack in advance, you may forget what’s inside the boxes, and that can cause you troubles once you start unpacking. Use stickers or simply a black marker to write down what’s inside each box.

You can do things at your new home

If there is some work you need to do around the new house or bring some new furniture, a storage unit gives you more freedom. It stores your old items until you need them, so they don’t take up all the space at your new home. You can freely move around the furniture or finish some house projects, and then bring your items back from the unit. You can easily clean your carpets, for example, without many boxes standing in your way.

changing a bulb
You will be able to do some work around the house without many boxes standing in your way


Your items will be safe

A safe storage unit rented from a trustworthy company will keep your items safe from cold/hot temperature, mice, being lost, etc. They will be much safer compared to being left at a garage or attic. Reliable storage units should include insurance, too, in case of some unexpected events like thefts, fire, etc, which is one of the great benefits of renting storage when moving home

You will free up some space at your home

One of the benefits of renting storage when moving home, for a longer period, is your home being more spacious. You can store seasonal clothes and other items in your storage unit, which means more space at home.

How to choose a storage unit?

Here are some tips on how to choose the best storage unit for you.

  • choose the right size – picking the right size of a storage unit is very important so you don’t waste space or money. Decide what you are storing and choose appropriate space.
  • check the insurance – be sure to take a storage unit that has proper insurance so your belongings can be safe at all times.
  • check the security – always check the safety measures in the storage unit. See if the place has security cameras, enough keys, etc.
  • think about climate control – this one is very important if the items you store include electronics or documents. Sometimes, low temperatures or humidity can cause a lot of damage to sensitive items.

As you can see, there are many benefits of renting storage when moving home. Your moving process will be much easier and organized. However, renting it for a long time can be expensive, so be sure to take a unit of appropriate size, so you don’t pay more than it is necessary. Also, we know that sometimes keeping your belongings away from your home can be uncomfortable, so we offer reliable storage units with the highest security options. Your items will be safe and easily accessible to you at all times. Furthermore, if you need professional moving help, we offer the highest quality moving services.



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