Best places in Florida for freelancers

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Freelancing is getting more popular each year. Especially among the younger adults and new generations that are growing alongside the technology available. It is expected that in the next 2 decades there will be more than a billion people working remotely. Therefore, you have the option to work from anywhere you want. Maybe surrounded by beautifully lush and serene nature, or in a city rich with nightlife? Entirely your choice. Today we bring a guide on best places in Florida for freelancers. Let’s take a look.


This is the most populous city in Florida, which means that it is alive as a city can be. The architectural diversity will amaze you, especially the way how everything perfectly blends. While walking through the neighborhoods you’ll have a feeling you are walking through the centuries of history. But it doesn’t fail to accommodate the new age since many great companies and corporations build their centers here.

Choose one of the top places in Florida for freelancers and enjoy your work
Find a cozy place to work from and enjoy!

This assures you that business is booming and there is a promising future in this city. Furthermore, there are more than 500 neighborhoods in Jacksonville, countless dining and shopping establishments. As a freelancer, you will for sure find a perfect place for you to work and live in. And still, have the opportunity to pursue any other goals you have in mind. Jacksonville is a city for everyone.

Miami on the very top among places in Florida for freelancers!

Miami is the place to be, no matter the occasion. Especially the Miami Beach neighborhood. The host of the ever-popular TV show Miami Vice is the never-ending cycle of interesting events. Many restaurants and beach resorts are the perfect environments for you to lay back with your laptop and work. You will peak in productivity surrounded by magnificent Deco architecture and palm trees.

Although, if you are searching for peace and quiet, you might search somewhere else. This is because this place is swarming with young people, especially during the spring break. This makes the clubbing and nightlife in Miami much more appealing. If that is something you are looking for, you’ll have no problems to blend in and to easily meet new people after the move. For sure one of the top places in Florida for freelancers.

Fort Lauderdale, the architectural marvel

If you move less than a 30 miles north of Miami, you’ll find Fort Lauderdale city. An extremely popular tourist destination because of the beaches and many sunny days throughout the year. Rich with shopping life, hotels, and many parkland campsites. This makes it one of the best places in Florida for freelancers. Moreover, the nightlife activity in more than 150 clubs will provide enough variety for you to explore.

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Relaxing while working. This could be you!

This is a place where anyone can make a home. It provides a perfect setup for solo players, for couples, and families. Fort Lauderdale has many esteemed schools and low-crime rate. Whatever you decide, you won’t make a mistake. No matter if you are simply passing through or planning to move here for good. You should definitely make a stop and check it out for a period. Therefore, brush off the dust of your mobile storage unit, pack your things, and hit the road!

Winter Park, with less winter and more beaches

Winter Park is a perfect combination of old and new. If you are seeking peace and serenity during your work time and still have something to do while free, this is the place to be. With a population of fewer than 30 thousand, this suburban city is still managing to attract many visitors yearly. Mostly for its Beach Festival and famous Sidewalk Art Festival.

The city has the Mead Botanical Garden at its center. A place where you can work in peace surrounded oaks and camphor trees draped in Spanish moss. And at the same time have access to the amphitheater, butterfly garden, and recreation center. All those things that can help you relax while taking a break of your work. Also, Winter Park does not lack in shops, restaurants, clubs, museums, and of course, beaches.

A place where everyone can find a middle ground. If this kind of balanced environment is for you, then plan out and start packing. Check out the reliable mover in Winter Park FL and choose the best moving crew for such endeavor. There is no better way to relocate than to place your project in the hands of experienced local movers.

Theme Park Orlando is among places in Florida for freelancers

Lastly, we bring you the ever-popular Theme Park Capital of the World. Orlando is a constant source of fun and quality time. This can be a place for you to raise a family and drop your anchor for a while, or for good. Out of all the places in Florida for freelancers that we mentioned so far, this one is most frequent. As it has the largest number of visitors in the US year-round. This means that you’ll never run out of things to do.

Wheel ride
Orlando is the never-ending source of fun!

The City Beautiful is hosting some incredible events alongside many theme parks for what is known for. Try visiting Disney World, Sea World, or Universal Orlando Resort. Or for everyday activity, you have the option of a themed restaurant. Make the everyday meal an exciting event, and prices in those restaurants are not so different from the regular ones.

If this sounds interesting, check out the Orlando movers prices and find yourself a proper moving crew. The best choice would be to pick one of the local teams that have knowledge of the area and the experience required. Give them a call and schedule your free onsite estimates.

These were only a couple of places in Florida for freelancers you can choose. Florida is on the top for digital nomads and remote workers. Additionally, all we mentioned are perfect places for dog-owners. Your partner in crime will have a blast. Just keep in mind that you must keep tracking of a cost of living and your earnings. Everything else is up to you. Make a choice and start moving. Happy hunting and may the Wi-Fi be with you!


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