Best places in Florida for retiring

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If you are looking at Florida for your retirement plan, you are simply one of many. Many people are really setting their eyes on Florida as their retirement dream, and they are doing it for a good purpose! Florida simply has so much to offer for the peaceful and most fruitful part of your life. Granted, maybe not all parts of Florida are well suited for it, but most of it is. This has reached the point where many people in the United States are associating Florida with retirement, by default. This can be both good and bad for the state, but this is a different topic altogether. In this article, we will discuss the best places in Florida for retiring.

Florida is somehow divided into two large segments – either big and loud or small and quiet. In case of your retirement, you will, most likely, be looking at the latter. There are many elements that make certain parts of Florida the best place for retirement, but the most important ones are the things you can do and the low housing prices. So it’s no surprise many people call residential Florida movers and head this way. In the distant third place comes the fact that there is no state income tax in Florida that can be very highly beneficial to people with taxable income after their retirement. Still, as mentioned above, not all places in Florida are equally ideal. This is why we will talk about the best places in Florida for retiring.

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Retiring in Florida is a great choice! But which places are the best?

Best places in Florida for retiring – Fort Myers

We will open the ‘best of’ list with Fort Myers. The first information comes from the residents themselves. The residents claim that their well-being is so high that they have reached the Gallup-Healthways list, as one of the top-rated places in the United States.

On top of that, the median home price is at 200 thousand dollars which allows a lot of retirees to purchase and own a home. This is very important to keep in mind as most retired people are not really able to afford mansions (thumbs up to those who can). This means that most retired people will seek a comfortable, not so expensive lifestyle for their golden days. Finally, Fort Myers allows retirees to enjoy a relaxing beach retirement lifestyle which not many places can.


Lido Key and Siesta Key are usually the white beaches that attract a very vast number of retirees. But, aside from the beaches, it is really the quality of life that resonates within this place. But, for the best place for the retirement you will always need the best movers in Orlando, so keep that in mind!

All the residents of Sarasota constantly boast about loving where they live and how they are enjoying the safety of their neighborhood. This is something that is instrumental for your retirement! Also, affordable housing is a very important quality of Sarasota.

Siesta Key pool
Siesta Key is an amazing place to have nearby!


One of the best places in Florida for retiring is Lakeland! This city’s most important landmark is the fact that it has 38 scenic lakes, some of which are homes to a vast population of swans! So, call Florida’s best senior movers and start enjoying yourself. It does have a negative aspect – the summers are humid! But, these humid summers are suppressed by very mild and sunny winters which are a dream come true for many retirement plans.

Lakeland is located between Tampa and Orlando, it’s very quiet and affordable. It’s a great alternative to Florida’s larger cities. The median price of homes in Lakeland is at a staggering 110 thousand dollars which makes it the most affordable place of the bunch.


Tampa Bay, the haven of retirement. Mostly, in the United States, when you say Tampa Bay you are thinking about a retirement plan. And it’s all for a good reason! This place, located near the Gulf of Mexico will have a very large variety of entertainment options for a more active retirement.

Basically, odds are you will never have a dull moment. However, in order to move to Tampa, you will need to explore Orlando movers prices in order to perform your relocation to this amazing place properly!

Tampa is a great source of health care providers, topped with Tampa General Hospital. For some, this will be a very important factor as, unfortunately, the healthcare services become more relevant in your retirement years. Houses are rather affordable, sticking to less than 150 thousand dollars median home price. What do you get? You get to retire near a beach, for affordable prices while enjoying the elements of a metro area.

best places in Florida for retiring - Tampa Bay skyline
Tampa bay – The “Haven” of retirement!


Last but not least, the list of best places in Florida for retiring is crowned with Orlando. This may come as a surprise to some, but Orlando is in the top of the best places in Florida for retiring. Even though it is a city, this place is a very popular vacation destination as well as a destination for a more active retirement.

The home prices are highly affordable, ranging around 160 thousand dollars. Plus, you have to keep one very important thing in mind. Your grandkids will beg to visit you considering that you will be in the proximity of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. You will be the most popular and well-loved grandparent in the history of such!

Retirement should be a blissful part of your life, so make sure to choose wisely when deciding on where to place your anchor. Florida is a good place to choose from. It will offer many different high-quality places. Good luck and enjoy it!



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