Best Thanksgiving getaways in Florida this year

Miami is one of the best Thanksgiving getaways in Florida

Florida is an amazing state. Nothing sounds more family like a good Thanksgiving dinner in Florida with your loved ones. However, what if you are tired of having the same thing every year? Well, do not worry! We have prepared a short guide with five best Thanksgiving getaways in Florida you can explore. We assure you, each and every one of them is special in so many ways! Hopefully, you will trust our judgment and enjoy your next Thanksgiving dinner in one of these locations!

Orlando is one of the best Thanksgiving getaways in Florida

Orlando is a city in central Florida and it is home to many parks. You can plan your getaway there. Check some Orlando movers quotes and get your estimate about it. You can also decide to move there if you want, Orlando is an amazing city. There are a lot of restaurants you can visit for Thanksgiving there. Check them out on the Internet or ask your friends and family about them. As one of the biggest cities in Florida, the possibilities are endless!

One of the best Thanksgiving getaways in Florida,right?
Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Contact some companies like movers Orlando and ask about moving there permanently if you like it! Florida is simply amazing, and if you are with your family it makes it even more special. Imagine walking around the parks near Disneyland in Orlando with your family preparing to go to a Thanksgiving feast? It is amazing, isn’t it?

Miami is arguably the best city for Thanksgiving

Miami is much like Los Angeles – it never sleeps! It is one of the arguably best places in Florida for retiring or spending some time with your family! Here are some of the fun things you can do in Miami for Thanksgiving!

  • Visit one of the famous restaurants! – Miami has a lot of restaurants ranging from the Mediterranean to Asian food, and guess what – turkey is eaten around the globe! Sure, it might not have all the stuffing you usually like, but change some things every now and then! Tradition is meant to be broken sometimes.
  • Enjoy a picnic on the beach. Even though it might be a bit cold, Miami beach is open 24/7 for those who want to enjoy the view at least. You can organize a Thanksgiving dinner next to the Atlantic ocean. How cool is that?
  • Book a quiet room in one of the many hotels! – Despite all the beauty of Miami, you might opt for a full Thanksgiving experience! Take a vacation with your family and enjoy one of the best places in Florida in general. You can book a hotel, explore Miami during the day and have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner in your hotel. It might not be traditional, but your family might like it!
Miami skyline is one of the best ever
A skyline of Miami

Jacksonville, Tampa and Naples, Florida

We could not decide where to “lead” you next, so we decided to do it in three cities at the same time! Jacksonville, Tampa and Naples are the largest cities after Miami and Orlando and we are sure that you will enjoy each and every one of them! For example, why not take a little vacation and explore the Thanksgiving getaways in Florida as you see fit? A night in Jacksonville, then Thanksgiving in Tampa and a rest in Naples? Who knows, you might enjoy it so much!

Fishing boats in Tampa
Tampa is famous for many fishing industries

We cannot just put one city over the other! Each is special in their own way! We will leave it up to you to decide where to go, but here is a short list of the most famous things in each of them:

  • Jacksonville – A city next to the Atlantic ocean which is the unofficial “capital” of education, culture, and history in Florida. You can enjoy your night in one of the many museums or just explore a lot of historical sights and learn a bit more about your history. Who knows, you might even like it there a lot.
  • Tampa – Tampa, or Tampa Bay, is also known for museums and historical places. You can visit a zoo with your children or enjoy a ride at one of its carnivals. You name it – it is there! Tampa has some of the top Florida suburbs for families, so you can also check out if it is worth moving there!
  • Naples – Not to be confused with Naples in Italy, Naples in Florida is a popular fishing and dolphin city. You can change turkey for cod or salmon there and you will love it because Naples has an amazing local cuisine! Who knew, both Naples have amazing cuisine, it seems!

Explore more Thanksgiving getaways in Florida if you wish

Those five cities are not the only places in Florida where you can go with your family. Florida is simply amazing and it offers a great family getaway for both short and long periods of time. You can explore the entire state even! We are sure that you will like it. Going on a Thanksgiving adventure with your family is something worth doing at least once in a lifetime. Especially in Florida! You can say thanks to each member of your family for being a part of your life and enjoy the amazing state that is Florida.

Also, you can check for some locations you never heard before! Who knows, it can be fun! A small city or town usually has the best community and the best local food. Since Thanksgiving is all about food, why not even visit one of those places instead of one of the bigger ones? You can always make a home-cooked meal or go to a restaurant, but how many times can you try local specialties? Well, depends on you, but it is not that common as you might think!


Overall, there are a lot of Thanksgiving getaways in Florida you should definitely explore with your family! Be it a small town or a city as large as Miami or Orlando, you cannot make a bad choice! Florida will welcome you with open arms and you will spend some of the most memorable moments there with your family. Remember, it is your Thanksgiving, so your rules! Now go and make us proud of your choice!


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