Buying a house in Port Orange – pros and cons

Named as one of Florida’s best-kept secrets, Port Orange is the perfect city for just about anyone. With a little over 60,000 residents, the city has the perfect size for both family life and youthful fun. Of course, if you are enamored with large metropolitan areas like Miami, Port Orange won’t be your cup of tea. For every other instance, this city will provide everything you need for happiness. You can rest assured that buying a house in Port Orange will be the right decision, although this undertaking does come with its share of pros and cons. Wondering what they are? Well, as a moving company equipped with experienced movers Port Orange FL, we have just enough knowledge to comment on the subject. We will be guided by the things we learned in our years of experience, as well as the information the Internet provides.

Buying a house in Port Orange – the pros

We’ll begin by reflecting on the positive sides of making this decision. Bear in mind that they are numerous and that they do outweigh the cons. Without further ado, let’s delve into the matter!

To buy a house in Port Orange is more than affordable

Usually, the biggest say into whether or not you decide to move to a city and buy a house will have the prices. Metropolitan cities such as the City of Miami make it almost impossible to become a homeowner unless you have a hefty budget. And that’s the beauty of living in smaller cities, such as Port Orange. They usually come with much more affordable prices. Interested to know how much you’ll have to set aside for a home in this city? The median house price here is $153,600, which you can agree is beyond affordable. It’s no wonder that more than 70% of Port Orange’s residents own their homes, as opposed to renting them.

A pink piggy bank.
Money won’t be a problem after buying a house in Port Orange.

Where urban meets suburban

Once again, yes, you won’t exactly be living in a concrete jungle. But, that’s a good thing, as you will get a chance to stop every once in a while and enjoy the world around you. If we had to characterize it, we would classify Port Orange as a suburban place. But, what makes life here so perfect is the fact that you are close to big and urban cities. Have you ever heard of Daytona Beach? This tourist attraction that lures people from all over the world is just 10 minutes away from Port Orange. If that isn’t enough to make you call a moving and storage FL company, we don’t know what is!

The residential area is quiet and peaceful

Who isn’t looking for a place to get away from all the noise and fast-paced life we have gotten so accustomed to? You’ll be glad to know that by buying a house in Port Orange, you will be taking care of this problem once and for all. The residential area here does not only offer peace and quiet, but it also gives you great beauty to look at! From luxurious to humble yet sweet homes, you can find it all just by walking down the streets of Port Orange. And that’s one of the main reasons residential movers FL are so busy relocating households to Port Orange all the time. You can’t help but love it here!

A house.
The properties are beautiful and well-kept, and the residents are lovely!

Buying a house in Port Orange – the cons

As with all things in life, buying a property in Port Orange will come with a few cons. While they might be negligible for some, they could be unsurpassable for others!

The city’s size may be a problem for some

So far, we have only regarded Port Orange’s size as a good thing. We had those who prefer a quiet family life in mind. But, for those that wish to experience the fun options one city has to offer, Port Orange may not be the perfect place. This isn’t to say that the city doesn’t have a young and vivacious vibe – it does. But, it might not be the best place for your local movers FL to relocate you to if wild nightlife is what you are looking for.

There isn’t a lot of diversity

If your goal is to live in a diverse place where you can learn about other cultures and ethnicities, buying a property in Port Orange won’t be the right decision. Over 90% of residents are Caucasians, which gives you a faithful image of how diverse this city is. That isn’t to say that the residents here aren’t welcoming towards people of all races and ethnicities. It just means that, for some reason or another, the area is mostly inhabited by Caucasians. To raise your kids to be multicultural, you will have to do it someplace else.

Two girls holding hands.
If looking for a diverse population, you should go some other else.

People have been complaining about the traffic

When you take into consideration that the majority of Port Orange’s residents use their vehicles to get places, you can quickly see how traffic can become a problem. With the constant development comes the constant influx of residents, which means more people in the traffic. So, if we had to set apart one of the biggest drawbacks of buying a house in Port Orange, it would be this one. Then again, not even car rides have to be boring if you know how to have fun. Turn up the music, open your window, and enjoy the view. You’ll bump across a few acquaintances on your way to work, so every day can be a fun adventure! And that’s the charm of living in a small city – everyone knows each other!


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