Creative in-house storage solutions

Example of in-house storage solutions

Are you tight on space? Or are you moving to a smaller home and can’t take everything with you? Or maybe you’re just sick of clutter and want to organize your home? Well, no matter the reason, you’ve come to the right place to find ideas for storage! However, when they hear storage, many people think about storage Orlando first. But that’s not the case here! Here you can find creative in-house storage solutions!

The difference between in-house storage solutions

If you search the Internet you can find countless ideas for in-house storage solutions. And they are all really creative and good. So, you may wonder how you will choose one. Luckily, we’re here to give you some of the best ideas for additional storage spaces for your home!

But before we do that, you should know the main difference between in-house storage solutions. The main difference is whether you’re going to buy or DIY. Many storage ideas are “born” by people who are desperate for more space in their home. And then these ideas are commercialized and being sold as far more expensive products than they are. But most of these products you can make yourself if you just try. So, before you buy anything, ask yourself first if you can make it yourself and save some money!

The magic of vertical surfaces

One of the most useful tips for in-house storage solution is that you make the most of your vertical spaces! There are so many different ways you can put those extra square feet to good use. Walls, doors, doors of a closet and even windows are perfect for in-house storage solutions. So put shelves everywhere you can! They don’t have to be long selves. Small and narrow shelves will be just as good when you’re tight on space.

A lamp on the wall - In-house storage solutions
A lamp installed on the wall frees up the space on your nightstand for books, glasses, and more.

Furthermore, keep in mind that there are many types of shelves. Don’t stick only to traditional ones! You can use stair shelves that will not only provide you with more storage, but that are also an interesting piece of decoration. While we are still on the topic of shelves, you can put a clothes rack or hooks beneath some shelves to get even more storage space!

Your bed as in-house storage solution

Bedrooms are usually rooms where you could use with every inch of storage space that you can get. But they are also the rooms that are easily filled. For your king-sized bed and your wardrobes go into this room. But what if I told you that your bed can also be your in-house storage solution?

It’s more and more common to put storage space beneath a bed. All you have to do is elevate your bed a few inches and you get an extra storage space. Now, there are various things you can do to that extra space. You can, for example, put drawers there, Or you can, for example, put some decorative boxes in that space and keep whatever you want in them.

A bed with drawers - In-house storage solutions
In those drawers you can keep your linens, blankets, pillows and comforters which all take up much space.

If you already have a bed that has no storage space beneath it and you don’t plan on buying a new one, that’s okay. Because you can buy bed raisers to help you make that space without changing your comfy bed. Some of these bad raisers can even act as electric outlets! Or if you simply don’t like how that looks you can still use your bed as an in-house storage solution. Namely, you can choose a headboard that you can pull out. And once you pull it out, you get shelves and thus more storage room!

Multiple-purpose furniture and in-house storage solutions

Ottoman, chairs, benches, coffee tables, nightstands can all be used as a storage. You’re wondering how? Well, it rather easy! They make a perfect under-lid storage. There you can put anything you like, from books, tools to blankets. And what’s so great about this type of in-house storage is that it can be used in multiple ways! Ottomans, chairs, and benches can be used for sitting, of course. However, coffee tables and nightstands can also be a place where your children will keep their toys.

A nightstand as a in-house storage solutions
Children’s’ toys are masters of clutter.

More creative in-house storage solutions

Like I’ve already said, there are countless in-house storage solutions. All you have to do is be creative! You’re the one that knows your home the best. So, you’re the only one who knows if some solution for in-house storage can work in your house. And that’s why it’d be best if you used these hacks as inspiration and came up with some solutions yourself.

However, if you’re not a creative type of person, here are some more creative in-house storage solutions:

  • buy helpful add-ons – the Internet is full of these things. You just have to search it and you will surely find just the right add-on for your belongings
  • hang your hairdryer on the inside of your bathroom cabinet
  • let your glasses hang from the bottom of the shelf while you put your plates on top of the shelf. Wine glasses are especially convenient for this
  • frame cork and store your jewelry with simple pins
  • hang your laundry hamper on the back of your bathroom or bedroom door
  • hang pegs on the back of your closet door to store your shoes
  • add hooks on the back of your closet wall or doors and hang anything hangable
  • hang everything you can – from your pants, jeans, t-shirts to shirts. Because they will take up less space that way
  • hanging fruit baskets can be great for storing your socks, hats and underwear
  • put nooks behind a mirror or your art collection and keep jewelry, keys or anything small enough
  • install shelves and put sliding mirrors or doors in front of them and you’ve got yourself a hidden storage space. Plus, not to mention, that the mirrors will make your room look bigger

If everything fails…

If none of these in-house storage solutions work for you, and you find yourself needing more space then you should try something else. You can always try renting a storage unit in a warehouse. Look up storage Sanford FL and I’m sure you’ll find something. Just remember that what is perfect for someone else doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect for you. The perfect storage unit is the one that will suit all of your needs!


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