DIY vs. professional unpacking service – what to choose?


As Americans, we are moving a lot. And, since we are doing it so much that a modern US family is practically a nomad, having lived through, on average, 10 big relocations in their life-span… we got good at it. Nowadays there are uncountable hundreds of thousands of moving companies ready to do every part of the moving for you. Every part of an average relocation can be reliably put in the hands of competent professionals and be expected for them to be done with it. But, since movers are a business and they do require some funds, many are opting for DYI options. They do some part of the moves themselves, often leaving out only the basic relocation for movers. And, with unpacking being one of the steps that can be done alone, there is a debate: DIY vs. professional unpacking servicewhich is better?

Comes with the packing – usually

So, before we get to the bottom of the “DIY vs. professional unpacking service” debate, we should consider that this service often comes hand in hand with packing services. We are mentioning this because it is pretty obvious that the success of unpacking comes down to the ease and functionality of packing that came before it.

DIY vs. professional unpacking service
Should you do it yourself?

A good packing, either for relocation or for a different purpose like storage Sanford FL must be adequate when in relation to certain criteria.

These would be:

  • Safety. This is often a big debate when packing. There are a plethora of packing materials that guarantee safety from a variety of threats. For example, plastic wrapping is excellent in protecting from moisture and mold. Stronger crates are good for bumps. Any cushioning materials will protect the object from moving inside the box and experiencing shock during travel etc… We will come back to this as it is crucial for the DIY vs professional unpacking service conversation.  
  • Ease of use. You want your package to be enough for items to be safe but also not to overdo it. No reason to be over-protective and make everything and anything difficult to handle. Boxes and another form of packaging ought to be easily transportable (as much as possible in minds with the content) and not wasteful. This also goes for unpacking, as a well-packaged product will be easy to unpackage without too much fuss or, in the worst-case scenario, damage. Just imagine dropping an expensive vase just because the upside of the box wasn’t properly marked…
  • Not wasteful. In the world we are living in today it is an ever-increasing priority for our civilization to restrain from the usage of unnecessary wasteful materials in anything we do. There are a lot of recyclable or biodegradable materials you can use. Cardboard instead of plastic. Wood crates instead of metal etc. etc. While this particular criterion falls short of the importance of the first two, it is still there and ought to be mentioned.


Therefore, when using unpacking services, you will also be able to know that the packing was done right and that there will be no easy way for it to go wrong. Furthermore, should something, god forbid, really go wrong, there is somebody to hold liable and accountable? Professionals guarantee responsibility, and that is something worth considering.

DIY vs. professional unpacking service, think about your situation

When we forget all the other services that would be provided, like piano or furniture movers Orlando FL or anywhere else in US, and isolate only the unpacking service, we can start making some real assessments.

So what are pros and cons? There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of unpacking, so let us see what benefits or lack thereof each method carries.

You pack for your needs

When you pack for a move, you know what you are packing. You know what your needs are and you take care of your own priorities. Presuming that you have done a thorough inspection of your items you are intimately familiar whit what needs what kind of package.

flop discs box
When you are DIY packing, you can make special packings… even ifs just for fun

This is a benefit of doing the packing and unpacking yourself. You are doing it for yourself. Chances of mixups or mistakes are rarer.

Special professional services

However, if you hire any unpacking services hand in hand with local movers Florida you are making sure that you didn’t make any mistakes. They have all covered up! You don’t have to go through the process of “oh I don’t have to write that down” and then regret when you feel sorry you didn’t and your possession is broken on the floor. Movers got you covered.


When the movers are doing the unpacking and moving around of heavy boxes for you, they are in charge of safety. If you are doing it yourself, you have to take long-sleeved clothing, strong footwear, gloves, and other percussions in order to avoid injury. But, with any moving service from Miami to moving services Orlando professionals will do it for you and achieve their goals with maximum safety on the mind.


Finally, a big factor in your decision will probably turn out to be the cost of unpacking services.  And yes, you will pay more if you choose such an option. However, you will also be making sure that you dont have to pay for any damages that might occur.

Budgetary concerns are pretty important…

It is like insurance… They save you time but also guarantee the safety of items, and will be ready to take responsibility if they break something (if we are talking about licensed professionals, that is).

Best choice for you!

And, finally, when it comes to DIY vs. professional unpacking service it really comes down to what you think is best for you. Do you have time to do it? Or maybe you simply want to save some cash? Or rather you find yourself in too much work to care about this and will hire professionals? It always depend on your particular situation.


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