Guide to organizing electronic devices while moving

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The biggest problem one could face when moving is the fact that everything you have in your home needs to be taken out of its place, put apart and packed into something. This is a tedious task if I ever saw one. If you have professional movers handling your move, this is one of the only tasks you will do. And it will take a ridiculous amount of time. On the other hand, you could pay someone to do it for you, but we’d say that this is a waste of money. You could simply do it yourself. Split this task into many smaller ones. One of them is organizing electronic devices for your move.

Organizing electronic devices is tricky as they can be very fragile. You need to invest a lot of time and effort.
These fragile beasts can be a handful to pack.

This one ‘little task’ may sound simple, but it is everything but. You cannot simply put electronic devices into a box. I mean, technically you could do that, but if you care about them at all you’d take the safer route. This safer route will cost you extra time. And no little amount of it either. If you consult our apartment movers Orlando they will surely agree. But, it will all be well worth it, all the time spent organizing electronic devices, to keep them in pristine condition. Safe from all harm and looking like no move ever happened.

Organizing electronic devices – where to start?

Easier said than done. This goes especially if you are a techno-fil and have one too many devices in your reach. The million dollar question is – where do I start? Well, the obvious answer – at the beginning. We will go step by step through one idea on how you should approach organizing electronic devices for a move. This may not be the best way for you, but it can serve as an idea of where to start. You can come up with your own process, or you could copy this one word for word. Whatever you think is easiest for you, because the whole idea is to make this simple and easily doable. Complicating it any further is the opposite from helpful.

So, we will dissolve the process into easy to follow steps, hoping to help you with packing and organizing electronic devices. There are several goals to this. The first goal is to make the moving process easier on you and to skim through the packing phase so that you can move on to worse things. Second, we are in the ‘keeping your things safe’ business, and this is what we strive to achieve. Lastly, we wish to make the unpacking routine just as easy, because this is the step that comes at the end of the entire project, and you are already too exhausted to do something complicated. This process will make unpacking a breeze.

Organizing electronic devices – the steps

We will break the process into steps, arranged in the appropriate order. Skipping the steps, or messing with the order could make it all a bit more complicated, but nothing tremendous. However, we advise following the steps in the right order, if you are going to do it ‘our’ way. This should be done before your movers Lake Mary FL arrive at the moving site.

Moving your electronic devices is tricky because they can be fragile. These speakers cannot afford to be hit during transport.
These are your electronic babies, and you need to be careful.

1st step

Both residential and commercial movers will tell you what to pay attention to when moving electronics. The first step for you to follow is to take the items and separate them into two categories. The first category is the items that can be put apart into smaller pieces, and the other is the items that are in one piece only. Put the one-piece items aside for now, and we will be focusing on the ones you can put apart first. The items that can’t be put apart are pretty straight forward, and there aren’t that many things you can do with them. But the ones that you will put apart into smaller pieces are a different story entirely.

The third thing you are going to be looking at are items that can have their power cord (and other cords) disconnected. We will address these separately. Now that you have made three different piles of electronic devices – we can jump to the next step.

2nd step

Take all the items that can have their power cords (and other cords) taken out and do so. Grab some duct tape and sticky notes and make sure to label each cord, linking it to the corresponding device. Now, take all the cords with a label and put them in one box. If the items that are ‘the owners’ of the cord can no longer be disassembled place them on the one-piece electronics pile. However, if they can be further taken apart, place them on the other remaining pile.

3rd step

Start taking apart the electronic devices that you can. Take them apart to the extent of common sense (take them apart to the point where it still isn’t too much of a bother to put them back together). Do this for every single item on the pile. Once ready connect them with duct tape. After this, they are going to be all bound by a single cord. Do this for all the items. After this, you can proceed to fill the boxes with them. This way more items will be able to fit in a single box, saving a lot of space. Take some old newspaper and use it as a cushion, to absorb any potential impact.

organizing electronic devices gets worse if you are a collector. The more you have them the worse you are off.
If you love having a lot of gadgets, it gets more complicated.

4th step

Conclude the event by taking the items on the remaining pile and placing them in the remaining boxes. They will be taking up the most space, but there is no helping it. Once you finish this you are ready to load the boxes into the truck.

Best of luck!


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