Help your pet adjust to your new home

Your pets will feel calm if you are calm as well.

Moving is stressful, period. There is no way around all the hectic planning and packing. However, it can be even more stressful for your pets. They have no verbal way of expressing their feelings, which can cause them to act out or shut down. Moreover, your pets will likely mimic your own behavior, so if you feel anxious, they will too. When you have settled into your new home, there are things you can do to help your pet adjust to your new home. While it takes time and patience, you can be sure that your pet will love their new home and the people in it.

Keep a routine to help your pet adjust to your new home

For animals, a consistent routine is key in helping them adjust to new environments. When you have settled into your new home, make sure that your pet does all the things they did in your old house. Also, try to stick to the same schedule regarding feeding time, bedtime and playtime. If you have a dog, try to walk him at the same time as before. If he is used to a doggy door, install one right away. On the other hand, if you have a cat, consider if he had a favorite place in your old home, such as by a window. Set up his bed near a window in your new house, so he can lounge around without feeling the stress.

Keep their feeding time consistent to help your pet adjust to your new home.
Make them feel at home by doing the same things you did in your old home.

While you may have reasons to disrupt your pet’s schedule, such as a new job or obligation, try to hold off. During the first few weeks, you should stick to the routine. After that, you can start introducing different foods and walking times.

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Don’t buy new things right away

It’s natural that you want the things in your new home to also be new. This is a chance for you to start off with a clean slate and surround yourself with things you like. However, you should limit this shopping spree to your own things. Try not to buy a new bed and water bowl for your pet right away. Even if their bed is dirty and ragged, it is also a source of comfort for them. Instead, you can buy them a new toy to play with.

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Set up their place to help your pet adjust to your new home

The first few days when you arrive at your new home will be very hectic. You will have boxes around your house and there will likely be movers and friends helping out. During this time, your pet can become very anxious and stressed. To keep them calm, make sure to set up a place for them right away. Have their bowl and bed with their favorite toys in one place. That way, they will already have somewhere to go that feels like home. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the place where you will keep their things forever, but temporarily this is a great way to make them feel safe.

Your cat should have a place to lie down and relax.
As soon as you arrive, set up their things in a corner.

The stress that you feel during the move is also felt by your pet. If they sense that you are not acting the way you usually do, they are more likely to act out. For this reason, you should learn how to manage stress during the move, so that you and your pet are relaxed and calm.

Safety is a priority

During the process of unpacking and settling, your pet can become scared and anxious. This can cause them to run away or act out. To prevent this, it’s a good idea to have someone there that will keep an eye on them. Ask a friend or family member to stay with your pet while you have movers in your house. Moreover, make sure that your pet’s collar has all the identification, including your new address and phone number. In case they run away, you will be able to find them more easily. Finally, find out if there are any dangerous animals in the neighborhood. You will want to know of any potential threats to your pet.

Give them attention to help your pet adjust to your new home

It’s hard to give your pet the attention they are used to while you are moving. You have many other things to think about and take care of. However, giving them enough attention can be crucial in helping your pet adjust to your new home. Take time between doing other things to play with them and pet them. Also, try not to leave them alone for long periods of time during the first few weeks after the move. If you can, take some time off of work to spend with your pet. Once you do leave them alone, do so in short amounts of time at first. That way, they will slowly get used to the idea of you being away while also feeling more at home in your new place.

Spend time with your dog by giving him a bath.
Make sure your pet knows they are important.

If you want to save as much time as you can, you should hire a reliable moving company. However, do research into who you are hiring, to avoid moving scams.

Have patience

Every pet is different, and it may take them different amounts of time to feel comfortable. However long it takes, you should bear with them. Let them explore your new house, sniff around and find out things on their own. Don’t be surprised if your cat goes under the bed and won’t come out, or if your dog won’t stop barking at people passing by. This is a temporary state, and they will sooner or later be back to their old self. When you want to help your pet adjust to your new home, make sure that they know where their litter box or water and food bowls are. All you can do is try to make them feel secure and let them go through the process of familiarizing.


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