Helping your kids adapt after moving to Orlando

Helping your kids adapt after moving to Orlando is a priority

Moving is always a big deal for families. No matter if you’re just moving across town or to Florida. Not only you have to pack everything, but you also have to reorganize all your household systems. Also, when moving with kids, you have to find the best storage in Orlando. But all of this is even harder for children of all ages. There are many new circumstances they have to deal with. They will lose friends and wake up in a new place. That leads to big kids getting angry and sad, while little kids get clingy and often regress. With parents struggling to cope with the challenges moving brings, things can get complicated. So, we’ve gathered some useful tips for helping your kids adapt after moving to Orlando.

Start helping your kids adapt after moving to Orlando with a careful announcement of the move

Before breaking the news to your youngsters, bear in mind that they will probably be sad or angry. Logically, they might be suffering from their sense of loss. Even though you are excited about the move, that doesn’t mean your kids will be. Because you’ve made this big decision, your child didn’t have a saying in it. Therefore, think about what it will mean for their lives, as they’ll probably feel worried. In general, listen, acknowledge, and don’t try to talk your kids out of their feelings. That’s the way to help them cope with new surroundings. Talk to them and assure them new friends and situations are waiting for them. On the other hand, if your child is too young to understand the concept, there’re ways to do it interestingly. For instance, make stuffed animals and then act out with them. That might be fun for kids.

Help your kids to adapt by talking to them
You can expect your kids to get emotional and overwhelmed because of the relocation.

Helping your kids adapt after moving requires that you’re in good shape

Emphasizing your child’s wellbeing is a priority. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your needs and desires. Hence, the number one rule is that you get enough sleep. There’s no way you will be able to manage the situation while being tired. You can’t be patient with your child if you’re exhausted. Also, note that your child will require more patience from you since moving is very stressful. Maybe the best way is to find professional movers Orlando FL to help you with the relocation.

Be creative and help your kids adapt after moving to Orlando

There are many ways you can make it easier for your kids to accept the moving situation. By following these simple guidelines, you will help your kids to manage all the stress. Eventually making it easier for yourself, as well.

Help your kids know what to expect after moving

It is preferable to visit your new place before moving, if possible. But don’t just go to your future house, but show them around. Take them to the playground and their new school, at least from the outside. Also, stop at the local library and make them feel excited about the new surroundings. That will help them see that they are moving to a good and positive place, with many new opportunities. Also, it will eventually help them adapt to a new school easier.

Make a moving book to make it fun and easy for your kids to adapt to a new place

Even though this situation doesn’t seem too much fun, make it a fun experience. So, take photos, print out captions, and glue them to paper. Then, put them in a notebook. It would be nice to start with a photo of your family in your current house. Also, include photos of your family doing things the kids love to do in your neighborhood. Afterward, talk about the move, and write funny captions. Finally, end the book with photos of the things you’re looking forward to. Make sure to end the notebook with a happy ending. That means a photo of your happy family in your new place. This will surely get them excited about the concept of moving.

Be creative while helping your kids adapt after moving to Orlando
One of the good ways to help your kids adapt after moving is to make them a notebook with some memories.

Give your kids some control to help them adapt

In the process, don’t forget that it is important your kid has a sense of control over the situation.

  • Let your kid participate in any decision that you can. For instance, what color to paint their room. Or where to put the furniture or toys. However, with older kids, feel free to give them a budget and let them do decoration in their room. They can even take part in the unpacking process and make it a family affair.
  • Even though this is the perfect time to get rid of the kids’ clutter, don’t force it. Instead, allow your kids to make their decisions about what to throw away.
  • Give your kids a small box to fill it with their most special things. Allow them to decorate it and take it with them while you’re in the car.
  •  Finally, if your kids are old enough, let them plot the route with you and be the navigators.

Set up your kids’ room first

Make sure the boxes for the kids’ room go into the moving truck last and come off first. Also, it would be fun to colorfully mark everything for the kids’ room. Also, while the rest of the house may be in chaos, there’s nothing more important than your kids’ peacefulness. So, make a calm, safe space for your kids first. Surround them with their familiar things. Eventually, that will help them adjust and feel good about the move. Also, it will give your kids a safe place to play while you set up the rest of the house.

Help your kids to adapt to their new home in Orlando, Florida
Include your kids in arranging their room and help them adapt after the relocation.


You would agree there’s nothing more important than your kids’ well-being. That’s why helping your kids adapt after moving to Orlando is a priority. By following this simple guide, you’ll be able to help them and eventually enjoy their new home. Alongside the rest of the family. We wish you a successful relocation.


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