How much does a relocation cost?

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Do you need to move? Then, you should start preparing your moving budget. As you might have guessed, relocation is not cheap. This is not surprising considering you need to pay for moving services, packing supplies, travel expenses, insurance, etc. Most people who need to move only think about one thing. How much does a relocation cost? If you also need to calculate all the moving costs before you start looking for a moving company, here are all the costs and prices you might encounter. Mind you, the following costs are average relocation costs since your final price will depend on many factors.  

Calculate how much your relocation will cost 

Now it is time to brainstorm. Moving expenses include Orlando movers quotes, packing supplies, moving insurance, travel see, and so on. Since you need to clean your house, you might get professional cleaning services. In addition to this, you need to pay your bills, pay a security deposit for your new place if you are renting, and maybe find temporary short-term housing if your new house is not ready. Furthermore, you should not forget about a storage unit and shipping fees. However, this is not all. If you plan to buy, then think about the mortgage or rent payments, monthly utility costs, new furniture, repairs, groceries, property taxes, and so on. Lastly, you should decide what to do with your free time. Should you buy enough food for several weeks or dine out? What about your hobbies? For these reasons, plan your budget carefully. 

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Make sure to include all the moving costs into your calculation

Average moving costs for local moves 

If you are moving across town, keep the following three points in mind. Local costs depend on your state and city. Almost all local movers charge on hourly bases. The cost will depend on services as well. Having said this, let’s talk numbers. The average moving price is $25 per hour per mover. For a studio apartment, you will need 2 movers who will work from 3 to 5 hours, which means you will pay from $150 to $250. In addition to this, a 2-bedroom apartment needs 2 movers and 5 to 7 hours which costs $375-$525. Now onto the house. 3-bedroom house should have 4 movers, 7 to 10 hours and the price of $700-$1000. Larger homes go up to $2000. Lastly, packing services cost $25-$35 per hour, and usually, the cost of packing supplies is included. Do not forget about tips for movers. 

Long-distance moving service 

Now, onto the long-distance moving. The American Moving and Storage Association says that the average cost of an interstate move is around $4,300. Distance is the most important factor that affects the relocation cost. The greater the distance, the higher the cost. Unlike a local move, movers do not charge an hourly rate. For example, for a studio apartment that items weigh around 1800-2000 pounds, expect around $1500 without any extra services. In addition to this, for a 1-bedroom apartment, you will pay from $1800-$2500 if the weight of your items is between 2500 and 3500 pounds. Again, without any additional services. Lastly, a 2-bedroom house and with items between 5000-6000 pounds, your moving costs will between $3500-$4200. As you can see, it is quite expensive to move nationwide. 

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Moving to locally is cheaper than moving nationwide

Factors that will affect your relocation cost 

As mentioned, there are many factors that will affect your moving costs. First, think about travel fees, especially if you are moving nationwide. These can include hotels, plane tickets, fuel costs, food, and so on. Next, the size of your move will change the cost. If your belongings are heavy, your move will be expensive. Apart from this, if you plan to hire for packing as well, you might pay an extra few hundred dollars or more. In addition to this, if you let movers disassemble and reassemble your furniture, relocation costs will be higher. Next, if you plan to rent storage Sanford FL, prepare to pay storage fees as well. Moving supplies also affect moving costs as well as your moving date. Lastly, consider investing in better liability and valuation coverage This is especially important if you are moving to another state.

Easy ways to reduce your moving costs 

Since relocation is expensive, here are several ways how you can reduce the relocation costs. 

  • Do not move all the items – do an inventory.  You can organize a garage sale or contact local charities. By decluttering your home, you can save some money and reduce your moving costs. 
  • Rent a moving truck – if you want to save money by organizing a DIY move, then you should rent a moving truck and drive your items to your new address. $50 for a small truck and up to $2,000 for a large truck. 
  • Ask your friends and family for help – instead of paying for professional packing services, ask your friends and family to help you pack the items. 
  • Find free moving boxes – there is no need to spend money on brand new moving boxes if you can find the used ones. Visit local supermarkets or liquor shops and ask for cardboard boxes. 
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You can rent a moving truck for your relocation

How much does a relocation cost and how to lower the costs 

There are even more ways to reduce the cost of your move. 

  • Rent a portable moving container – a great alternative to hiring movers. The price depends on the size and rental period. Usually, a smaller container is around $250 while a large one for a long-distance move is up to $4,500. 
  • Get a moving discount – you can always ask for discounts. 
  • Pack yourself – pack your items yourself and save money. 
  • Choose the right moving date – avoid moving during the summer as these months are the busiest for moving companies. Therefore, moving quotes are higher than during the winter or fall months. 
  • Get several moving quotes – do not hire the first moving company you find. Do a little digging, compare moving quotes, and pick the most affordable one. 
  • See if you are tax-deductible – save all the receipts and if you can deduct moving expenses during the tax season. 


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