How to add value to your Florida home

There are different ways of upgrading your home.

When you’re getting ready to move, you want to know exactly how you can add value to your Florida home. With so many ideas for the renovation and home improvement, it’s hard to know where to start. You need to consider what potential buyers will be looking for. Although some projects that increase your home’s worth can be expensive, they are an investment. On the other hand, others just might cost you without being worth it in the future. To know the difference, read our guide and find out what are the best improvements to your home which will attract the biggest offers.

Decluttering will add value to your Florida home

Before you start to show off your home, make sure that you clean out any clutter. While to you these items might have sentimental value, they also might be offputting for potential buyers. When there are too many items, your house will actually look smaller. In the months before you put your house on the market, start to clear out each room. If you start early, you will save time in the long run. Moreover, staging your home is an important part of selling it. Try to keep decorations to a minimum and thoroughly clean each room when you prepare.

Declutter if you want to add value to you Florida home.
A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.

To have the smoothest move possible, always hire professional movers Maitland FL for all your needs. This will save you time and money, which you can spend on upgrading your new home.

Convert your loft

Converting your loft to an extra bedroom is a great idea if you are looking to add more space. This type of renovation is not cheap. However, it will cost you less than adding an extension to your home. You will need to install windows in order to have natural light and a flow of air. These can be dormer windows, which are added to a mansard. On the other hand, the less expensive option is rooftop windows, but they will also add less value to your Florida home. In the end, whichever windows you choose, you will not go wrong by converting your loft.

When you’re looking for a moving company, it’s a good idea to start local. Look into central Florida moving companies for the best quote on your local move.

A pool will add value to your Florida home

Anyone who lives in Florida knows how hot and humid the summers can get. Even central air-conditioning is not the solution to these temperatures. This is exactly why many homeowners in Florida choose to add a pool to their property. Having a pool in this area is a big advantage and will greatly increase your home’s value.

The pool doesn't have to be very large.
Pools are very popular in hot climates.

Many potential buyers in Florida specifically seek out homes that have a pool. Although this addition will cost you, it will be worth it in the long run. Also, you can enjoy this addition before you sell your home. There is nothing better than jumping into the pool on a hot Florida afternoon.

Update the bathrooms

While the most important thing when it comes to the bathrooms is that they are clean and fresh, you can add some small things that can make a big difference. First, when remodeling your bathroom, make sure that the walls are not painted a dark color. A brightly colored bathroom is more appealing, especially if there isn’t enough light. At least one bathroom should have a shower, but you can add a bathtub to add more value.

Moreover, upgrade the floors in your bathroom if you haven’t replaced them in a while. Tiles or vinyl floors are the easiest to clean, which buyers will appreciate. Finally, install a mirror in each of the bathrooms. You can even put two to make space look bigger. A small vanity mirror next to a larger one is also an added bonus for potential buyers.

Upgrade your garage to add value to your Florida home

Converting a garage into a living space is a great way to add an extra bedroom to your home. If you don’t use it for your car, this can be the best solution for you. While it does take some planning, as well as money, this type of upgrade will greatly increase your resale value. Just make sure that you have an additional parking space available.

Converting your garage will take some planning.
Make sure you have everything in order when you upgrade your garage.

Before you start the converting process, there is a chance you will need a permit. Ask your local planning authority what type of permit you need and how to go about obtaining it. Finally, keep in mind that you need to have everything up to code. An inspector will come by for a checkup to make sure that things such as electricity and plumbing are in order.

Add off-street parking

Creating off-street parking will add value to your Florida home, especially if you choose to convert your garage. While you might lose your front garden, most buyers will appreciate one or two parking spaces more. Try to keep it as low maintenance as possible, as this is also a factor for buyers. However, much like with a garage, make sure you are aware whether or not you need a permit. If you don’t check, you might be creating problems for the people moving in.

With all the additions to your home, you are likely to spend some money. Moving in itself can be expensive, so you should look for affordable movers in Orlando, which can save you the headache as well as the money.

Remodel your kitchen to add value to your Florida home

Just like with the bathrooms, the kitchen needs to look clean and tidy. If you feel that the structure of it can be improved, don’t hesitate to completely remodel it. Upgrading your kitchen can greatly add value to your Florida home. On the other hand, if a renovation is out of your price range, there are some smaller updates that you can do. For example, replacing the countertops is not very expensive but will increase your home’s value. Moreover, make sure that the floor in the kitchen is intact. Add tile floors for a cleaner look, which is also easy to maintain.


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