How to clean your house in a day


Namely, there are two kinds of cleaning. There is surface cleaning and then there’s deep cleaning. The first one includes the chores that you do on a weekly basis. The second, however, is a little bit more in-depth. During a deep clean, you will want to move the furniture, sanitize the fridge, clean out the closets. Basically, you should aim to throw out all the excess clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. Since most people only do a deep clean a couple of times a year, it’s a difficult task. However, this does not mean you cannot clean your house in a day!  

Although the following tips won’t make the job any easier, they will help you clean more efficiently. They may even help you speed up your moving process! Therefore, grab a broom, mop, and trash bags, and start cleaning. But first, read the following tips for the ultimate one day cleaning guide. 

Pick up the products you will need in advance 

Before you start with the cleaning, think about the products you will need. These include cleaning products, rags, sponges, and similar. However, before anything, check your bottles to make sure you have enough supply. This is important for your day of cleaning to go much quicker. Namely, if you have everything you need instead of having to stop and to run to the store to get something you need. Nevertheless, you don’t have to get too much stuff, either. Most likely, you already have that “multipurpose cleaner” which works for basically everything. Therefore, you can use it in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Keep in mind that you do not need products that are marketed for specific areas of the home!  

One cleaner can clean multiple surfaces

Make a list of certain areas that you want to focus on when cleaning

When you start with the cleaning, it’s easy to forget about some areas that you want to clean. In order to avoid this problem, you should make a quick list of tasks! This list can include cleaning under raised furniture, deicing the freezer, and cleaning the blinds. If you only focus on the big picture, you can overlook the smaller details. Check out similar advice with movers Orlando. Since they are professionals, they can only help you more. If you neglect these, they will easily extend your cleaning time since you will have to go back and redo them. 

Writing a list will make you more organized

Wake up and start early in the morning

Namely, you simply cannot do a deep clean and stay motivated if you start later in the day. Even though most people decide to do these kinds of cleans on the weekend, that is no excuse. You should make a conscious effort to set your alarm to get up early. This is one of the best advice you can get from professional movers like best movers in Orlando. After all, they are experts for a clear reason! Along with this, you will also finish earlier. In doing so, you will leave more time in your evening to do something fun that you actually want to do. 

Separate all washable items and divide them into piles

Before you begin with the attempt to clean your house in a day, go through each room separately. In doing this, you should strip all the linens, and put them in piles for later washing. If you make this one of your tasks, you will reduce the amount of time you’ll spend doing it later. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep a close eye on the washer and dryer. This is because you probably won’t want a load of washing sitting in the washer for three hours! Therefore, keep an eye on them and wash two more loads in that time. 

Make sure not to wander around and focus on one room at a time 

This is one of the most common and biggest problems when people start to clean. Specifically, they take an item that belongs in one room to another one and then start cleaning in that room. Since this is totally time-consuming, do your best to focus on one room at a time. If you begin cleaning a certain room, stick to that specific room. If you find items that belong somewhere else, put them in a pile and take them there when you’re ready to move on to the room in which they belong. 

vacuum - clean your house in a day
Focus on one room at a time

Let the music keep you motivated to clean your house in a day

Cleaning in silence will definitely make the whole task even more boring than it already is. To avoid this from becoming reality, turn on your favorite kind of music. Not only will it keep you motivated, but it will also get you in a great mood. Namely, it can even make you more productive so you end up cleaning the house even better! This is amazing because it can help you add value to your home. So, turn the volume up and enjoy your cleaning time. It’s a great way to dance out the stress! 

Assign different responsibilities to other people who you live with

If you have a spouse or children, they should do their part and help you clean your house in a day. Since a deep home clean is a group effort, everyone who lives in that home should help out. Namely, it’s only fair that everyone lends a helping hand. However, keep in mind that they are most likely not going to clean as well as you will. In order to avoid having to clean after them, choose to assign simpler surface tasks to them. Although you will still have to deep clean those parts of the house, at least you’ll save yourself some time. This works because you won’t have to pick up dirty clothes from the floor or dust the kitchen cabinets. 


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