How to create additional storage space in your home

You certainly need to create additional storage space in your home. Everybody does. There’s no such thing as too much storage space in a home. Stuff that needs to be stored keep on multiplying and we can’t do anything about it but go on and on about needing more storage space to store it all. But there are some new ways to help you make more room for storing. You just need to take some time to work on them and you will be amazed by how much additional space you created. There are some low budget solutions, and there are some costly ones, depends on what are your goals and preferences. No matter if you:

  • live here for some time now, and need to create additional storage space
  • are planning to move
  • or just moved in.

Declutter is the number one rule if you want to create additional storage space in your home

First thing you need to do when doing anything storage-related is to ask yourself- do I really want to spend storage space on storing this thing? There are always things we don’t use or need but we just don’t have the heart to row them out. This should really be the moment you realize that you need to throw away anything you don’t use. It is taking up room that can be used to store more valuable stuff. If you are moving to a new place, make sure you don’t hold on to things you don’t need. Moving will cost you less if you have less stuff. Also, make sure you hire a well known and reliable moving company like movers new smyrna beach. 

Give away the stuff you can’t throw out

Not being able to get yourself to throw away the things you don’t use because they remind you of something or someone is understandable. At least, to some point. But you must be able to get yourself to understand that you don’t use them and they are taking up some amount of space. Old diaries and photos are things that don’t take a lot of space but mean a lot to you. This kind of things should get space in your closet. But saving old clothes you don’t fit anymore is not acceptable. If you can’t throw it away, give it to somebody who needs it. You should be able to find a friend or a cousin that will take them. If not, you can always donate it to goodwill. As long as they are not damaged, and if they are, throw them out, you don’t have an excuse. This will ease the moving process on you as well, and for a stress-free move, try residential movers Orlando.

Rent a storage space if you need a quick solution

If you need to get rid of some stuff and it can’t really wait, you should consider renting a storage space. The thing is, sometimes your time is just worth more and costs more than renting a storage unit. It depends how much stuff you need to store and how much time do you have, but there are always ways to cut down expenses when looking for storage units. You should look for storage units orlando and this can be the perfect solution to your problem.

How to create additional storage space in your home- blue storage units
Renting a storage unit is a great solution if you lack the time to deal with this problem

What to do now that you decluttered?

You threw away what you could, gave away the rest, but there is still a need for additional storage space? That is ok because there are more than a few ways to create it. Some of these solutions require just time and organizing, others require some amount of money as well. It is up to you and your possibilities to choose which one is the right for you. If you can’t think of an easier way, get a mobile storage unit so it can be close to your home.

Vertical is the way to go when you are trying to create additional storage space in your home

When thinking about storage space, don’t just think about the ways to stack things on the floor or on your eye level. Use the entire wall as storage space. If you think about it, you could stack boxes on the floor. Then put hooks for hanging the garment bags at your waist hight and put shelves above them. Thinking this way could help you envision some really practical solutions. Other than this, see-through plastic containers are a way to go when you are trying to create additional storage space in your home. They are useful if you need to see what is inside of them, and they stack really well. Use plastic vacuum bags for storing winter clothes in the summer and vice versa.

How to create additional storage space in your home- shelves on the wall
Cover an entire wall with shelves

Labels, labels, and more labels

No matter if you decide to use plastic bags, boxes or plastic containers, you need to be well aware of the whereabouts of your items. Especially if you need to find something fast. This can be really tricky if you just stack items in boxes and then stack one box on top of the other. You will have to open a box at the time until you find what you need. So label each box saying exactly what is inside. For even better organization, make sure you store items that are alike in some way, so you know where to look right away.

Labels on plastic containers
Make sure you label your containers

Make sure you know exactly what you need

Once you realized what are the supplies that you need to make the storage space optimal, make sure you know the measures of these things well before buying. Measure the size of the boxes and plastic containers that you need so you can be sure you got the real deal. Buying the supplies and realizing later on that they don’t fit your needs can be really frustrating.

Furniture made to save you some space

You would be surprised how many solutions are there if you are willing to invest some money into dealing with this issue. There are all kinds of it too. Beds that contain large storage spaces are not as expensive now. So-called tetris furniture is also incredible when it comes to trying to create additional storage space in your home. The shelves that can fit in the corners of the room should be used wherever it is possible. Space under the steps can be turned into drawers, and save a ton of space. Window seats and benches are great storage spaces too. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to storing furniture. If you have a large piece of furniture you need to move to a storage unit, like a piano, hire a specialized moving company in Orlando.

Girl sitting on a bed next to a table and chairs
Benches can be a great storage space

Having to create additional storage space in your home can be quite a challenge. If you are able to invest some time into it and are able to invest some money as well, you will be amazed by how much space you saved. And having more storage space means fewer items in plain sight, so your home will look bigger, brighter and cleaner.



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