How to deal with stress when moving?

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Moving is difficult, both physically and mentally. You have to pack your entire household, lift and carry heavy items which require a lot of energy. In addition to this, you have to say goodbye to your items, family, and friends, an old neighborhood, and ultimately, your old house. This all can be very depressing. Adding the search for furniture movers Orlando FL to this combination, the stress seems never-ending. For this reason, here is how you should deal with stress when moving 

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Even though stress is inevitable, you can control it

Find out why moving is stressful 

It is easy to say moving is stressful. But the better question is why it is so stressful. You cannot deal with stress when moving properly if you do not know the cause of it. The most common factors are the following. 

  • Money – unfortunately, moving is not cheap, just, on the contrary, it is quite expensive. You should try to find affordable moving companies in Florida in order to reduce moving costs. However, it still will be quite expensive. 
  • Unexpected problems – unexpected problems always can arise during your move. 
  • Time – it is difficult to work eight hours a day, take care of your family, pack your items, and so on. 
  • Unpredictable future – moving is a huge change so people are usually afraid of the same change. Who knows what the future holds for everyone? Will you like your new home, neighborhood, city, country, etc.? 

Deal with stress when moving by accepting it 

It is unlikely that you can avoid moving stress. Since relocation can be seen as a disruption of your everyday life, it is only natural to feel anxious and stressed out. Therefore, you should accept it as a part of your move. However, this does not mean you should feel stressed 27/7. Just on the contrary, you should find a way to deal with stress properly. The first way to do it is to give yourself enough time. Usually, you should start preparing for your move at least two months in advance. This depends on your schedule and home. You will need a longer time to pack a three-bedroom house than a one-room apartment. In addition to this the size of your home and schedule, consider your speed as well. Some people can pack one room in a day, while others can pack two.  

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You should take it easy when moving

Make a moving checklist and start small  

In order to stay on the schedule, make a moving and packing checklist. Take a piece of paper or your laptop and write down all the tasks you need to do. These might include the following. 

  • Find a moving company 
  • Gather all the necessary packing supplies 
  • Organize your packing schedule 

For example, day one – your living room, day two – the hallway, day three – your home office, and so on. It is your choice how many tasks you will do in one day. In addition to this, you should start small. Do not tackle your kitchen on the first day. Start with your hallway or some other room that is not full of items. Also, when you finally tackle your kitchen, you do not have to pack the entire room in one day.  

Deal with stress when moving by asking for help and staying organized 

Since moving is stressful, you should not do it on your own. Besides hiring residential movers, you should ask your friends and family members for help. When you divide the moving tasks among your family and friends, you will finish the moving tasks earlier. In addition to this, it is more enjoyable to work in the company. You can talk and have fun while packing. This is a perfect way to reduce stress when moving. With your friends’ help, you should disassemble your furniture, pack heavy or large items, and similar more physically demanding tasks. You can thank your friends and family later by organizing a house party or taking them out for dinner. Apart from this, you should stay organized. This means you should not start another task before you finished your current one. In addition to this, make sure to label all the boxes and bags. 

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You should ask your friends and family for help

Hire professional movers 

Nothing helps to reduce stress more than hiring a moving company. There are professionals, thus they know how to handle all the tasks and problems. However, you have to hire reliable movers to relive the moving stress. Hiring fraudulent movers will only intensify your stress. Here is how you can find reliable movers. 

  • Ways to find movers – ask your family and friends, check your local newspapers, search on the Internet. 
  • Official websites – you should visit the official website of moving companies to see if they offer moving services you need. 
  • Moving reviews – make sure to read a couple of moving reviews to see if people are generally satisfied with services. 
  • License – reputable companies will have a license issued by the FMSCA or with a local government. 
  • Interview – once you contact movers, make sure to ask all the questions about your move. 

Deal with stress when moving with the following tips 

Lastly, here are a couple of short tips when you want to reduce the moving stress.  

  • Keep the valuables with you – most people are worried about their valuable items such as cash, jewelry, electronics, and similar. You should not give your valuables to anyone, your movers included. Instead, take them with you.  
  • Make your move safe – moving days are often the most stressful. Many things can go wrong. For this reason, clear the path for movers, help if necessary, and remember to breathe.  
  • Get some sleep – mistakes are more likely to happen if you are sleep deprived. Therefore, make sure to sleep. You need to be physically and mentally ready for your moving day.  
  • Listen to music – you can turn your dull packing tasks into a packing party with some music. 
  • Reward yourself – promise a reward for yourself after the move. This will keep you motivated. 


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