How to declutter and downsize your home effectively

Make a plan before you start to declutter and downsize your home effectively.

If you are planning to move into a smaller space, you will need to learn how to declutter and downsize your home effectively. This can be an exhausting and overwhelming process. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it can be emotionally draining. Once you start going over possessions that you’ve accumulated for years, it will be challenging to decide which ones you don’t want to bring with you. This is the key to downsizing – understanding what you really need. We have some tips that will help you get rid of the unnecessary items and enjoy your new home.

A good plan is a key

Don’t forget that “Preparation is the key to success”. It’s important to have this in mind when you decide to declutter and downsize your home effectively. You should start going through your belongings at least a couple of weeks before the moving date. Most of us hoard certain things and refuse to toss them, whether it’s some small ornaments that have sentimental value or shoes we don’t wear anymore.

Donate part of your belongings to charity.
If you have some lightly used books that you no longer need, donate them to your local library

Often we feel emotionally attached to come items and struggle with letting them go. Moving into a new home means a fresh start, and with the right plan and attitude, it will be a positive experience. Don’t forget to have fun while moving and enjoy settling into your new home. Come up with downsizing tasks and stick to the scheduled time: take one room at a time, make a list of inventory, book a donation pickup, organize a yard sale, ask friends and family to help you.

If you want to declutter and downsize your home effectively start with furniture

When it comes to large pieces of furniture, you must ask yourself whether they fit into your new home. They might be costly and have been in your home for years, but if they take up too much space in the new flat there is no point in taking them with you. Transporting these large and heavy items can sometimes cost even more than buying new ones. If you need storage during the move, storage Orlando will meet your requirements and offer good storage options. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should throw them away. If they are in good condition you can sell it and even earn some money.

Clothing is next

Going through the closet and deciding which clothes to keep is probably every woman’s nightmare. We often feel like we have nothing to wear, but somehow our wardrobe is full. It’s time to ask yourself some hard questions: Is this piece of clothing in good condition? Does it fit me? Have I worn it in the past year? If the answer is no it’s time to let it go. Resist the temptation to hoard stuff because you “might wear them one day”.

Throw away cothes you don't wear if you want to declutter and downsize your home effectively.
Donate or toss clothes you no longer wear and items that don’t fit you anymore.

Once you have a big pile of clothes, shoes, and accessories you don’t want, divide them into three groups: sell, donate, and toss. Organize a yard sale or sell some stuff on eBay. You can offer clothes you don’t wear, toys your child no longer plays with, old books, gadgets, furniture. Also, you can donate some of your belongings to charity, not just clothes but lightly used books and school supplies as well. Knowing that someone will appreciate and use your unwanted items will make it easier to give them up.

Hire professionals to help you pack

Proper packing is an important part of the moving process. It will save you time during unpacking but also lower the risk of damaging your properties in transport. You can do this yourself or ask friends to help you. Bear in mind that you will need to gather moving supplies in advance and label your boxes with relevant information. Take one room at a time and However, if you need help with relocation or packing, moving companies Orlando will ensure a safe and stress-free move. Packing often involves heavy lifting and possible health-related issues. Also, some valuable, fragile or dangerous items need special protection. Hire professionals, avoid costly mistakes and have a smooth moving experience.

Focus on the benefits when you decide to declutter and downsize your home effectively

Living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean that you have to give up your style and creativity. Home should be our oasis, place where we feel comfortable, happy, calm. But, if you cling to items that don’t fit into your new space, it will look cramped and messy, which will make you feel claustrophobic and anxious. That is why it’s necessary to declutter and downsize your home effectively. There are many benefits to owning fewer possessions:

  • It’s easier to decorate a small apartment and more affordable
  • You have less to clean and more free time
  • Big spaces can sometimes feel cold. It’s easier to personalize a small flat and make it cozy
  • Your home will look neat and organized once you get rid of the things you don’t need

You should perceive decorating a small space as an opportunity to be creative. Your home should showcase your personality and lifestyle. Also, there are many great tips to maximize the space and make it seem much bigger than it actually is.

Decorate your home to your taste.
Decorate your home to showcase your hobbies, interests, and personality


Once you start to declutter and downsize your home effectively, focus on the positives. This process can be freeing in so many ways. In addition to practical benefits, letting go of the excess stuff will have a positive impact on your life. When you own less you have more time to spend it with people you love, more energy and more money. But, if you don’t want this process to turn into several hectic days you should have a plan of action. Declutter your home room by room, including attic and garage. Organize all your possessions into piles – decide what you want to keep, donate, and throw away.


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