How to declutter your storage unit properly

declutter your storage unit properly which are blue

When decluttering their homes, most people rent a storage unit for their items. This can function very well until your storage unit becomes a mess. Then, it is time for the big spring cleaning, but this time for your storage unit. However, this might not be so easy. For this reason, here are the best tips on how to declutter your storage unit properly. If your storage is disorganized, your items might get damaged or you might lose some of them. That is why it is very important to declutter your storage unit properly. 

purple shutter doors
Clean and properly organize your storage unit

Preparations to declutter your storage unit properly 

It is almost impossible to declutter your storage unit properly in just one day. For this reason, you will have to spend several days in your storage. If you cannot dedicate that much time to your unit, then see when you will be free. In addition to this, if you have a large number of items, it will be difficult to declutter on your own. That is why you should ask for help. Involve your family members and friends if they are willing to help. This is especially important if you plan to lift and carry heavy items since now you do not have movers Leesburg FL to help you. Lastly, you need to prepare boxes and plastic bins. The process is the same when you are moving. Visit local stores, search on the Internet for free moving boxes, and so on. 

Take an inventory 

Since you want to declutter your storage unit properly, you need to take an inventory. As your items piled up over time, see what you have inside. Maybe some of those items you no longer want to keep. For this reason, make three piles – one to stay, one to donate/sell, and one to throw away. For the to-stay-pile, make a list and write down everything you have. Furthermore, to-donate/sell pile, you can advertise your items on Amazon, Craigslist, or your local Facebook group. Make sure that your items are in good condition. If you wish to donate, you can contact Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or local churches. As it was already mentioned, make sure that those items are in good condition as well.  

Label boxes when you wish to declutter your storage unit properly 

There is no point in decluttering your storage unit if you do not organize it properly afterward. For this reason, label your boxes. Next time, you will know what is inside of each box without opening them. You have several options when it comes to labeling. First, many people use a numeric system (1, 2, 3…). Write down a number on each box, and on the wall of your unit. In addition to the number, hang a map that says the contents of each box. For example, Christmas decorations, box 1, winter clothes, boxes from 2 to 5, and so on. You can just write down the contents on the boxes as you wish. Find the system that you can easily follow for your storage rental Orlando. 

pile of boxes
Make sure to label the boxes

Organizing your boxes 

You should know how to properly place your boxes in your storage unit. Your boxes should not be overstuffed as the items can break the box. When you place just the right number of items inside, make sure to seal the boxes. Once you do all of this, it is time to organize them. Put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. This will prevent any damages that might happen. If you have any fragile or valuable items stored inside, you need to add another layer of protection. Use plastic wrapping in order to protect them. The other possibility would be to rent a climate-controlled unit. You can manage the temperature and humidity inside. Additionally, you can prevent pests from getting inside or the formation of mold.  

More tips for the organization 

The middle of your unit should be open and clean. In order to make this happened in your unit, use shelves. They are not expensive and you can find them in almost all the stores. In addition to this, metal shelves are the best for the sudden temperature changes. You can use hooks to hang some of your items. In addition to this, items that you frequently use should be kept in the front. These can include off-season clothes, important documents, hobby-related items, and so on. Lastly, if you plan to store new items inside, make sure to check the facility’s policies. See what it is forbidden for storing. You can check this with the employees of your storing facility. Most facilities will give you a list of forbidden items.  

shelves in a large warehouse
You can use metal shelves for your storage unit

For future plans 

If you plan to find another storage, here is the list with all the features one unit should have. 

  • Maintenance – storage units are usually located in dark and damp places. This is a perfect base for attracting pests, rodents, and mold. For this reason, you can either find better units located inside the building or clean yours regularly. Make sure to let the fresh air in every time you visit and swipe the floor with a broom. 
  • Accessibility – your storage unit should be near you. It would be a hassle to drive for more than an hour to reach your unit. 
  • Size – make sure to find a storage unit that is neither too big or too small. 
  • Security – a unit should be under a lock and key, 24 hours surveillance, and a guard present. 

Declutter your storage unit properly 

As you can see, these would all the important tips for decluttering your storage unit properly. Do not forget to organize your unit as well. This will prevent future damages. If you keep up with good organization, you will not make a huge mess again.


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