How to file a moving insurance claim?

So the question beckons – how do you file a moving insurance claim? Well, before anything else, we have to say that we are sorry that something needs to happen to trigger this event. In almost all cases, when an event triggers the need to file a moving insurance claim – it’s not good.

There are numerous events that can trigger this, and this depends on the type of insurance that you have. In order to have a full grasp of this, we will explain what moving insurance is. It will help those that are considering what happens when you are in the position of filing a claim. Also, it should help understand what triggers this event.

Our objective at the end of this post is to have you fully understand your rights and options in case of an ill event. In all honesty, we very much hope that it never comes to that. We hope that the knowledge you gain here will be forever useless. However, on the off chance of it ever becoming relevant we will be glad that you got it here. The process itself is no boogeyman, however, it has its quirks that you should be aware of. Still, it is important for you to know that nobody is against you and nobody will try to scam you for your money. There just may be some complexities on the way, because let’s face it – nothing is really that easy. But also, it’s not much harder than let’s say calling a moving company to get a free moving quote.

How to file a moving insurance claim – most important elements

So, before we get to the filing part we need to start from the beginning. The reason why it is always a great choice to hire moving professionals is safety. This safety comes in several layers:

  1. Your own safety from physical harm
  2. Safety of your family, friends, and pets from the same source
  3. The Safety of your belongings
  4. The Safety of your home
  5. Safety in case of unpredictable accidents
Insurance is good to recover the material loss, but it can never replace safety as a way to protect yourself from injury.
You can get injured while moving and get insurance for it, but is it really worth it?

When you are doing a move on your own you usually do not have any of these safety nets since there are no professionals to take care of business in your stead. However, when you have a professional team taking care of this you should be more than safe. 

The one safety net that is most relevant for this conversation is the one under number five. This one speaks of safety in case of unpredictable accidents because we have to face the fact that – no matter how good and professional you are accidents can happen, and there is nothing none of us can do about it. This safety net is your moving insurance. It is there to make sure that, no matter what, you have something protecting you and your belongings.

Moving insurance

Moving insurance varies from company to company, and from one client to another. Some companies don’t offer many insurance options,  while others go the extra mile to offer white glove service. However, there is one thing in common for all – if something goes wrong you are able to file a moving insurance claim. This means that, based on what you agree upon, you are compensated with money to mitigate all your potential losses in case of an accident. And in most cases, it goes above the actual loss in order to account for any sentimental value and damage.

When you go to file a moving insurance claim it can also be because an accident a third party caused.
Accidents during the move can happen without any wrongdoing on your or your movers’ side. Traffic accidents sadly are quite common.

Your moving insurance, in case you wish to get it (and we always strongly advise that you do), is something you negotiate at the beginning before the moving starts. These negotiations can be done in several iterations, but the desired outcome is a clear and transparent guideline about what your moving insurance actually covers. In light of that, we will mention a few most common cases where you are able to file a moving insurance claim. Of course, this is not something you should firmly hold on to, but rather take with a pinch of salt. The good part of it is that it is always negotiable, and you can basically create your own insurance plan with the moving company of choice.

To file a moving insurance claim – examples

Some of the moments people usually wish to have is covered in case of:

  • Your belongings get damaged or destroyed during the move
  • Your items go missing during the move (never reach their final destination)
  • Some or all of your belongings get stolen in the process of moving (due to the negligence of the moving company, where the moving company takes full responsibility)
  • A natural disaster strikes rendering some or all of your belongings damaged or destroyed (or have you or your loved ones injured in any way).

This is just to name a few. There are many more unfortunate events that you can think off depending on where you are what you deem as a threat. There are many more cases that we have encountered over the years. So do not stick to these as the only ones. It can go beyond your wildest imagination.

Procedure to file a moving insurance claim

We will cover the scenario where you bought insurance from the moving company. For example, you got it from AAA Insta Move Orlando as they offer multiple insurance options. There are several things you need to have before you are eligible to file a claim. You have to begin with having a signed inventory sheet. This will cover any chance of you being called out on the items that were damaged. If it was on the list – it is subject to the insurance claim.

It's a common mistake that people make under stress when filing a claim to forget a piece of required document.
When you go to file the insurance claim, make sure you have all the documents in order.

Once you arrive at your new destination, regardless of what the case is if everything is not as it was listed on the sheet you are eligible for an insurance claim.

One additional cool trick you can use is taking photographs of everything and attach it to the inventory sheet. You can easily save those pictures on cloud services like Google’s Drive to have them easily accessible. This way you are 100% safe.

Best of luck!


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