How to hire a good piano moving company?

To move a piano, hire a good piano moving company.

With all the challenges that moving unavoidably brings, the last thing you need is to attempt to move a piano by yourself. Not only would you risk injuring yourself and those around you, but you would also put your valuable piano in jeopardy. And, you can agree, there really isn’t a mix worse than the loss of your health, as well as your money. The most natural and logical conclusion is that you will need piano movers. But, how will you find them? Which qualities are you supposed to look at when trying to hire a good piano moving company? Sure, Moving and Storage Orlando companies are to be found everywhere. But, how do you differentiate good piano movers apart from the bad ones? That’s something we have experience with, and we don’t mind sharing our knowledge!

To hire a good piano moving company, you will need some time!

One of the worst moving mistakes people make is leaving a task as important as finding movers for the very last minute. Unfortunately, by then, those who acted in a timely manner already managed to book all decent piano moving companies. Most likely, days before your relocation you will be left with average movers in the best case scenario.

Baby and a father touching a piano.
Your piano should stay in the family for generations to come!

In the worst case scenario, you will be picking among fraudulent movers and only a handful of reputable moving companies. You can see how that’s not the most likely scenario that you will avoid moving fraud, can you? So, the first step towards hiring a good moving company is being smart and acting on time. Don’t let good movers pass you by. Instead, take the matters into your own hands, and start looking for them weeks, preferably months before your move.

Traits to look for in good piano movers

If you have ever had to look for a moving company, you are probably already aware of the qualities a reputable moving company should have. But hiring piano movers differs in many ways than hiring residential movers Orlando. Sure, they will both be relocating your items, but the range of their obligations will vary. Without further ado, the next time you need to find someone to relocate your precious piano, here are the qualities to look for.

You need a company that specialized in piano moving

This looks like an obvious one, but you would be surprised how many people actually forget about the fact that they need piano movers. Your moving company could claim that they are perfectly capable of relocating your piano. But, do they have piano moving as one of the special services they offer? Because if they don’t, you shouldn’t risk it. It takes much more to move an object as heavy and as delicate as a piano than simply claiming that you can do it.

A woman in a suit holding a card.
The idea is to find piano moving specialists who know how to make a plan and execute it to perfection.

To hire a good piano moving company, look for experience

Knowledge may prevail over experience in some other spheres of life, but that’s certainly not the case with piano moving. The learning process is a long one, and only the companies that have been around for a while can manage to accomplish such a difficult task. Of course, there is a possibility that a brand-new company has hired the most qualified and experienced piano movers. The point is that you need to check. Almost any company can relocate you locally in Orlando, but not all of them can manage to safely transport a piano!

The right equipment is essential

We come to arguably the most important part of piano moving – the equipment. Pianos belong to a group of items that can’t be moved without specially developed equipment. Sometimes, even cranes will be necessary to lift them up. And it really doesn’t make a difference whether you are trying to put your piano in mobile storage Orlando or you are trying to transport it across the country – the procedure is the same. So, before hiring any contracts, make sure that your company actually has the means to carry out this task. At the end of the day, you need to be sure you are doing the best thing for your piano. And checking the company’s equipment will certainly help you achieve that!

It would be good if the company offered storage facilities

Make no mistake – there isn’t a shortage of things that can go wrong during relocation. Whether there will be a delay due to your movers, the bad weather or something else entirely, plenty of accidents can come up. If you happen to have to move out of your home but can’t move into your new one, you will need a safe place for storing your piano. And that’s something your moving company should help you with. Lots of movers offer storage solutions as well as moving services, so you should make sure to find one when moving your piano.

An empty room.
What will happen to your piano if you can’t move into your new home on time?

If you want to ensure you hire a good moving company, just check their reviews

People are all to quick to voice their opinion and satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the services they received. To find out whether you are on the cusp of hiring a good moving company, all you have to do is visit their website. Once there, you will find customer reviews and testimonial section. And voila – you get more than enough details to make a judgment call. Just be careful – not all reviews are sincere. To avoid fabricated reviews, look at the text. If you see any similarities between the ways the reviews were written, or if you see the reviews where personal names of the movers were mentioned, be very careful. Those are most likely fake comments. Now go, and make the best decision using the tools we provided you with!


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