How to know whether you are overpaying the storage services?

Overpaying the storage services is avoidable

After so many years in one place, the time has come to move away. Logically, during that time, you’ve gathered many belongings. While many of them are important to you, there’re so many things you don’t need in your everyday life. On the other hand, you might need them from time to time. In cases where you have to move your whole household, the solution is getting the storage services from your movers. However, if you’re on a tight budget but looking for affordable storage Sanford FL, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll help with the best tips to prevent you from overpaying the storage services.

Overpaying the storage services is a big mistake, so let’s avoid it

Let’s begin with the basics. First, you need to know the average price of renting a storage unit. According to some research, the national average monthly price for all unit sizes is $87.15 per month. Also, the average price per square foot is $0.97. Those are the average prices. However, storage services’ price will greatly depend on a variety of factors. That includes most of all the places where you’re renting the unit and for how long you’re renting it. By knowing and calculating some of these factors, you’ll be able to avoid overpaying the storage services. Also, before making a rough estimate of your storage unit’s price tag, get Orlando movers quotes. That will help you to have a more precise idea of the overall cost of this moving-related service.

Planning is important to avoid overpaing storage units
By carefully planning, you will certainly avoid overpaying storage services.

Get to know the factors which determine the cost of storage and avoid overpaying the storage service

As we previously mentioned, many factors influence the final price of getting a storage service. Let’s break it down, one by one.

Location is most likely to get you to overpay the storage service

Let’s begin with the factor that is most likely to get you paying more than you need to. When you plan on using the storage services, the location is a big factor in determining the price. So, if you’re renting a storage unit in large urban areas, you can expect it to be more expensive. The reason is simple- due to high demand, the price rises. However, do your research and don’t end up overpaying the storage services. No matter if it’s an area where renting storage facilities is more expensive. Instead, consider renting a storage unit in a nearby suburb, where prices are lower.

Time is also an important factor that influences your storage service final price

Logically, the amount of time you rent the storage unit will have a big impact in determining the price. However, you should know that in general, storage facilities tend to offer rentals on a month-to-month basis. Furthermore, some of them even offer the first month for free. So, our strong advice is to pick this option wherever you can, as it’s one of the most affordable ones. The reason is that this flexible monthly pricing structure will keep you away from overpaying the storage service. On the other hand, be careful when it comes to offers based on a three-month minimum rent. Those kinds of arrangements can often get you to overpay the storage unit you’re renting.

Timing plays an imporant role in the price of storage services
Try to avoid overpaying storage units by renting them monthly.

More deciding factors on your final storage service price

  • Size can increase the price of the storage services, so pay close attention. Many storage facilities offer storage units in various sizes to accommodate many different storage needs. Therefore, the amount of stuff you have for storage will determine the size of a storage unit you’ll need. However, note that the larger storage unit will cost more on a monthly bases. Therefore, to avoid overpaying the use of storage unit, consider decluttering your storage unit first.
  • The level of service plays an important role, amongst others. Meaning, self-storage facilities cost less than full-services storage facilities. That’s quite logical, as full storage services usually include pick-up and delivery. So, have that in mind when you consider the cost of renting a storage unit.
  • Insurance can often prevent you from overpaying the storage service. Yet, people tend to avoid this option, eventually ending with paying more than they need to. When it comes to storage services, many storage facilities require customers to have insurance. Therefore, for many customers, storage can be covered by their homeowners or renters insurance.

General price comparison of the storage services

After we’ve elaborated on factors that will determine your storage service prices, let’s get down to the numbers. You surely want to know the average storage unit price estimate. When speaking of an average monthly cost for a 5’ x 10’ storage unit, you can expect the price around $75.95. This space is big enough to store your lawnmower, a sofa, or a chest of drawers. However, you can expect to pay more in metro areas like California. On the other hand, the average price of a standard 10’ x 10’ storage service in the U.S. is $111.89. This kind of unit can store furniture and the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. That includes a few large appliances, such as washing machines, etc.

Storage units are quite useful, but can be overpayed
Pay attention to the size of your storage, as you can eventually overpay the storage services due to your bad organization.


We did our best to break down the topic of the price of renting a storage unit. Our goal was to show you that by knowing the influencing factors, you will be able to avoid overpaying the storage services. After all, if you hire a reliable moving company, you won’t have to worry about that at all. They will do all the work instead. Anyway, use this newly acquires knowledge to save yourself some money. We wish you good luck.


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