How to label boxes for storage like a pro

You should label your boxes for storage! Use color coding or number coding systems to make it easier!

The whole relocation process is very stressful and it takes so much time that you can get a headache just thinking about it. The packing and unpacking process is the most difficult part of the move. If your boxes are not labeled or they are labeled incorrectly, you will need more time to unpack and settle down. You should also label moving boxes if you are preparing them for the storage. You can also get one of the pods Orlando and store all of your belongings in the mobile storage. But, before you decide to store all of your boxes, you should know how to label boxes for storage like a pro!

Label Boxes For Storage – Why Should You Do It?

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to store some of their belongings. Sometimes, they are downsizing and have no place for all of their items at the new home so they search for a long-term storage option. People also rent storage units Orlando if they are merging two households into one and they don’t want to have duplicates in their lovely home. But, you can also find a storage unit useful if you decide to declutter. In order to find every item fast and easy when you decide to get it out of the storage, before storing, you should label boxes for storage properly.

permanent markers
Buy a few sets of permanent and waterproof markers!

Follow this guide and you will label boxes for storage like a pro:

  • Get Quality Markers
  • Get Labels
  • Buy Colored Tape

Get Quality Markers To Label Boxes For Storage

The first and the most important thing, in order to label your moving boxes properly, is to get a set or two of quality color markers. We all have some markers at our home, right? But, if you want to prepare well, you should buy new sets of permanent markers. While colored markers will be good enough for labeling job that awaits you in the near future, you should also go a step ahead and consider these few things:

  • Good Quality Markers – Try to avoid the temptation to buy the cheapest markers that you find. For various reasons, you should spend a little bit more money and buy good quality markers, a brand that you are already familiar with and that you trust. If you buy a good brand permanent markers, you will be able to use them as a writing tool long after the moving process is over.
  • Different Colors! If you decide to mark your boxes with the already well-known, color-coded, system, you should purchase at least, 5-6 different colors of permanent markers.
  • Waterproof and permanent! Since you won’t be able to predict the weather on your moving day, it’s better to play safe than to be sorry later on. Therefore, you should buy waterproof and permanent markers so your writing won’t wash away from the moving boxes.

Get Labels

The second step is to get labels. A professional moving company offers almost everything that you might need for the moving process. That means that you can purchase and get packing labels too. Those labels already have the name of the rooms printed on them, so your job is to fill the container and that’s it. You can also find downloadable and printable moving labels on the internet for free! But, there’s one more option! If you have plenty of time, you can create your own labels! Involve your children in this process and you will add some fun to the relocation process! In addition, there are some things that you can and can’t keep in your storage unit so before sealing your moving boxes, you should inform yourself about it!

markers, scissors, labels, color papers
Search for free labels on the internet, download and print them out!

Buy Colored Tape

You will definitely have plenty of clear packing tape lying around you during the moving day. But, if you are planning to raise this process to a higher level, you should also invest in colored tape! Why? Well, when you find yourself in your new home, colored tapes will enhance box identification significantly!

Color-coding and number-coding systems

Two the most common and very well known coding systems for labeling your moving boxes are color coding and number coding system. You can decide which one is better for your needs:

  • Color-coding. This is an easy and very efficient way of labeling your moving boxes, especially if you are moving your whole household to another location. How does it work? Each room should get a specific color and every box that contains the items from that room should be market with that specific color. For example, mark all the boxes from the bathroom with BLUE color, living room boxes can be marked RED, kitchen ones should be marked YELLOW, etc.
  • Number-coding. This system might sound easier but it actually is not. Here we are marking each box with the number only. You can write the number on each side of the box if you want. However, if you are using the number-coding system you will have to make an additional inventory list. You will have to write on the paper what each box with a specific number contains.

Do You Need A Professional Mover?

In case you are downsizing, merging two households into one, or simply, want to store some of your belongings, you should hire a professional moving company and let them relocate all of your belongings without complications and problems. You can contact AAA Insta-Move professionals and ask what kind of moving and storage services they are offering.

A reliable and experienced mover has a license and well-trained workers. They also have plenty of moving services, such as:

  • Residential Movers (local and long-distance moves and senior moving)
  • Commercial Movers (business and office moving, warehousing and storage)
  • Storage Services (mobile, commercial, household storage and records management)
  • Special Services (piano moving, loading and unloading movers, local delivery service and white-glove service)
  • Professional Packing Services, etc.
business woman, laptop
Contact your professional mover to assist you with your relocation or to help you find the perfect storage unit!

You should know how to label boxes for storage properly by now. In this way, you will be able to find the item you are searching for easier and without any problems. Proper labeling is an important process for every relocation. If you can’t find labels and create them by yourself, you should call your professional mover and purchase some! All the best!


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