How to meet new people after the move

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Meeting people as an adult is a difficult thing indeed. We can all fondly remember the days when regular education and college naturally gravitated people of common beliefs, lifestyles, and thoughts together. But as those days pass us by and we decide to move on it is often difficult not only to keep up with old friends but to make new in return. After all, there are no longer such activities where you will easily meet strangers. Especially after trying to meet new people after the move that we realize just how un-organic it has gotten. But do not despair! There are many fine ways to meet new people you can call friends!

A good neighbor

With moving services Orlando as their caretakers, your valued possessions are transported to your new home. You quickly join them but find yourself far from the community and neighborhood you known. The first step to meeting new people, maybe even valued friends, is to be a good neighbor! Neighbors are people that will live next to you until your next move and you ought to be in good relations, even if you don’t have the intention of actively seeking their company.

Good neighbors are a good start

A good neighbor is a thing of gold. Their value is easily listed:

  • Often seen, rarely sought – this is really the first reason of why your attempt to meet new people after the move should start with those close by. You will see them all the time, should you want this or not. It is only good for anyone to not be surrounded by people they have a bad relationship with.
  • First help – in a trouble, your neighbors might be first to help. They can recognize somebody who is snooping around your condo or a house while you are on vacation, help you when something brakes down and cooperate to solve common problems.  All based on good intentions, of course.
  • Tolerance – want your neighbors not to call 911 when you have that party? Well, they have to like you first.
  • And finally, the potential for good friends – sometimes you simply don’t have to look that far. You might just have luck and find a wonderful friend down the street!

Be sure to organize a housewarming party soon after you move in order to meet them all!


Social networks actually do help socializing, if you know how to use them. After local movers from Orlando, FL just dropped you off a few days ago and neighbors prove not to possess much potential for meaningful interaction, you might turn to meet-up apps or even Facebook.

meet new people after the move social network
Social networks can be sued to…well… socialized

Social networks such as Facebook, Reddit and Tweeter are good are bringing people of the same interest together. Maybe its the subreddit about your town, or a facebook group about cultural events in your neighborhood. Connect with people there and organize meetups. It might seem weird at first, but there is a lot of chance that you and whoever you call up for a meeting will hit it off!

Local cultural events

Many people flock to Florida for its rich culture and diverse art scene (the reason behind numbers of moving companies in Florida…). Why not use those to meet up? You can go to the concert, theater, book night… anything you fancy really. You are sure to meet some interesting people there. If you are not too shy, there are great chances of you regularly meeting with them, and bit by bit you will be giving advice on how to meet new people after the move yourself!

And, not to mention that you will be listening to some great music, experiences great shows, watching interesting movies and breathtaking theater as well. Florida offers all of this and more in its art and culture events.


Interested in running, baseball, yoga, martial arts, just hitting the gym? All of these are actually a great way to meet new people. Of course, people go to recreation to have time off and mindset to the game, but often you will find approachable people.
girls doing yoga
Yoga class, maybe?

You will start from the same common ground, that being love for the hobbies/recreation taken. This is “two birds one stone” situation. You will have your me time and enjoy the hobby, while also being in a company of friendly people with a common interest.

Meet new people after the move in the traditional way

Maybe you like to avoid all of this strategizing? Well, if you have guts for it, simply go down to the local pub or a club. It will give you a great look at the community and help you get a feel for people who are now your neighbors. Here, a more traditional meeting of people goes. Buy somebody a drink and join them. You may risk a boring or a snobbish person, but it is a game in which you will inevitably win, as long as you have an open mind and willingness to play.

Be part of the community

Finally, soon after your movers Sorrento FL have drooped you off, you will realize that you are now part of the local, in this case, Sorrento, Florida, community. A good way to meet others from the community is to help it. Go for the kitchens, give clothes, blood or lectures. Donate books and toys. Attend the meetings in which local issues are discussed. Become involved in your surroundings and how to meet new people after the move will soon be a question made obsolete   

Be of an open mind!

And, to conclude, we cannot stress enough how important being of an open mind is when you make an attempt to meet new people after the move. We are all quite weird in our own ways. Don’t get scared off by quirks of personality. Try to find common ground and be open to exploring new ideas and having discussions on topics you have never been challenged on before. Be ready to meet truly new people.


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