How to pack and move your bunk beds

bunk beds

When you are attempting to pack and move the bunk beds you are dealing with double the job. Not only do you need to pack a move a bad, but you are also quite literary doing that times two. And there are just a lot of screws and parts in it. Not to mention that you absolutely have to disassemble it as it is heavy, unwieldy, easily breakable and otherwise unmovable in its state of use… So how do you do it? What are the steps you need to take before, during and after you are moving your bunk beds? Are there any special tips and tricks or is it all pretty straightforward? We are glad you asked! We have some pieces of advice just for you!

Get ready to pack and move your bunk beds

Before you can call in your movers Titusville FL and get on with the operation to pack and move your bunk beds you need some proper planning first. These things are rather big and complicated and you can’t just do it in 5 minutes without prior planning. You will need some equipment, some planning, and some good-old-fashioned helping hand.

Protective clothing
Be sure to have protective gloves

Protective clothing

Let’s say you plan to move your bunk beds to a storage rental Orlando. A fairly simple idea. Storage is good for the thing you don’t need to often and therefore perfect for bunk beds you never know when you will need one for the kid’s room or something. However, as we previously established, moving them is the hard part. They are rather heavy and cumbersome, meaning you will have to reduce them to its components before you are capable of moving. And, while doing that – you have to make sure you don’t get hurt.

Falling bed frames definitely fall into the “sticks and stones” type of hurt. Those things hitting your toes at considerable speed will make you go into quite a bit of pain… not to mention the sheer fact that you might even break something. Tools are no joke either, and you don’t want anything to break your skin. Even if everything goes right, not much can protect you from wood-friction and splinters… not much except, actual protective gear of course.

Never underestimate a job. It is not a bad thing to be cautious in the face of possible physical injury. You should take logical precautions.

  • Protective gloves – will do the job in protecting from splinters.
  • Hardy clothes – ones you will not cry over if it gets a tear while you try to pack and move your bunk beds
  • Reinforced shoes – to protect the toes.

With equipment like this, you will be safe to proceed!


But you won’t be able to do it alone. Trust us, it is not a matter of strength. Even strong crewmen from movers Ocoee Fl or any other moving company for that matter work in teams and that is not for no reason. With big pieces of furniture such as bunk beds, you need some more pairs of hands. Which means that when you ought to pack and move your bunk beds you will either need a) friends or family or b) professionals.

Start with a mattress
Now you can deal with the matress

In the case of friends, just make sure that they have enough time. They are welcome, of course, but you do have to take care of them. Make sure they are safe and up to the task. In the case of professionals, you need not worry. They know how to get the job done and will save you a lot of time and effort, though they will, unlike friends (we presume) make a small dent in the overall moving budget.

Tools to get the job done

And finally, you need some tools to work with. Those screws won’t unscrew themselves. Be sure to get familiarised with use of a multipurpose tool or a screwdrivers heads you will need for this particular operation. There is nothing worse than finding out you laid out all the necessary tools only to find the one need is not actually there

Steps in dismantling the bunk bed

With all of that in place, just make sure that when the movers Altamonte Springs FL come to the door, everything is actually ready. You will need some time and effort – make sure you have both.  Now you are ready to move on to the dismantling of the bed. The first step is, of course, taking away all the screws. Be sure to take the supporting ones and to collect them.

Start with a mattress

After that, mattress is the first thing that you should pack. Take a plastic bag and pack it into it. Make sure that it is absolutely dry and that the plastic cover has no wholes. Otherwise, mold and other problems might appear during transportation and storage.

The ladder and take care of the screws

When you have that covered, take out the ladder. It should come off nicely. Store it separately and move on with the rest of the supporting screws.

Take care of the screws
Be sure to collect the screws and screw heads

Be sure, however, to take care of them, you don’t want any of them to get lost.

Finish the job

You should finalize by taking the rest of the parts one by one in natural order, from up to down.

Finally, with all done, be sure to put it all back together. While you do the whole thing of dismantling it take a log, or better yet pictures, of the operation. That way when you relocate it and need to put i t up again, all you need to do is follow the steps in reverse. Using manuals is also good for this.

To conclude

So, with all the things said, what are the priorities? What are things you need to keep your eye out when you want to pack and move your bunk beds? Well simple. Be sure to have the right tools, time and help. Be sure you do it step by step and are in no rush. And at the end, you should be able to retrace your steps and put the whole thing back. Easy as that!


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