How to plan a Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL

Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Millions of kids from all around the world have been growing up for ages now with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and their friends. Apart from watching these great cartoons, kids (and some adults too) also love visiting these fantastic worlds in person. Of course, traveling to an actual fantasy land is impossible. However, being the next best thing, Walt Disney World is an amazing place to visit. No matter if you live here or you’re planning a Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL from another city, if you have kids, we’re sure that they’ll love visiting these magical realms.

In fact, your kids may even beg you to find affordable movers Orlando and relocate here. If you do, they’ll be able to visit this wonderful place frequently. And Walt Disney World is indeed designed so as to be visited many times. In fact, this place is huge! It stretches over 47 miles, with many attractions to see. So many, in fact, that you’ll need to visit it more than 20 times before you can say that you’re not a complete stranger to its secrets. Without a guide on how to plan a Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many possible options. Luckily, we’ve prepared just the thing! Read our guide, and prepare to be amazed!

Choose the date for your Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL

The first thing to plan is the exact date and time when you will embark upon your Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL. Sometimes, Disney offers discounts and specific packages designed with vacationers in mind. Depending on your budget, these discounts may or may not have an influence on your decision. If you don’t mind missing these packages and paying a little extra money, then you can schedule your trip so as to coincide with your time off from work.

Gods set in stone in Walt Disney World.
Choose the right date for your Disney World Tour in Orlando, FL, and appease the gods of Disneyland!

It’s worth noting that Disney also offers individual discounts on their resorts. This could be just the thing you need if you’re running on a tight budget. Of course, your kids will also need to have time off from school. For most people, the best time to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando is when all of these factors align. And, if you’ll be moving to Orlando, your kids will be grateful if you take them to see these attractions as soon as you relocate. Hire furniture movers Orlando FL and greatly expedite the move – your kids will appreciate it!

Choose which attractions to visit

You may be a spontaneous person, so choosing which attractions to visit on the spot could seem like the right thing for you. However, when visiting such an enormous place, planning ahead is certainly a smart thing to do. To illustrate this point, we’ll just say that Walt Disney World in Orlando is twice the size of Manhattan! Sure, you can just roam freely and enjoy this freedom. However, with planning ahead, you can determine which attractions appeal to you and your children the most. Then, you can focus your attention on visiting these exact attractions.

Another reason why planning is so useful is related to the many resorts that provide accommodation to the visitors of this wonderful place. Walt Disney World is certainly one of the most charming places in FL, and its beautiful resorts also contribute to this unique charm. However, it’s not just the resorts’ beauty that comes into play when it’s time to choose the one that’s right for you. The perfect resort will also need to be near to all the attractions that you’re planning on visiting. Otherwise, you’re in for a lot of walking.

An astounding castle that you can visit on your Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL.
If you want to visit this magnificent castle, then you should find accommodation that isn’t located too far.

Choose how long you will be staying

Your Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL can, of course, take as long as you want it to. However, without one whole week, you’ll hardly be able to experience even all the major attractions. Of course, perhaps your vacation-time won’t allow you to stay that long. No matter how long your visit lasts, you’ll certainly be able to see plenty of interesting and fun things. Still, if you’re there for less than a week, you’ll leave feeling as if you just barely scraped the surface.

Disney is actually encouraging people to stay for more than four days. And not just with the amount and the variety of attractions. Namely, the difference in price between a ticket for a one-day visit and a ticket for a four-day visit is far from being unsubstantial. This is true regardless of any discounts. However, the difference between a four-day ticket and seven-day ticket is actually not that significant. 

A Maleficent-themed stained glass window.
If you stay for seven days or more, you’ll be able to see all the best attractions, including Maleficent’s stained glass window and dwelling.

And while staying for an entire week at the Walt Disney World in Orlando is certainly one of the best ways to de-stress after a move to this great city, we realize that not everyone will be able to afford it. So, you will, of course, also need to take your budget into consideration. But, believe us when we say that, if you stay for less than a week, you’d be missing out a lot.

Choose the resort where you will be staying

Finally, we’ll say that there’s an alternative to official Walt Disney resorts. While we do recommend these official resorts, as they are more authentic and in line with the overall vibe of your Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL, you can also choose non-official accommodation that’s located in the vicinity of Disney World. Why should you do that? Well, for starters, these resorts are more affordable. Often, they also offer larger rooms, that seem more luxurious as well.

Unfortunately, the less expensive rooms in Disney’s resorts may even feel like motel rooms. Above average, relatively sophisticated motel rooms, but motel rooms nonetheless. However, even such rooms exhibit that specific Disney magic that you’re after. Whatever kind of accommodation you choose, though, we’re sure that you’ll have a great time. Various theme parks that you’ll be able to experience on your Disney World Trip in Orlando, FL are not just among the best theme parks in Orlando. They’re among the best in the world.


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