How to prepare your children for a move?

Whether you have a newborn, a toddler or a teenager, moving with children can never be an easy process. Switching homes and surroundings is difficult for grown-ups; for kids, this process is twice as hard. As a parent, you want to always do what’s best for your child, and his or her future. While you may not be a miracle worker who can make worries go away with a simple wave of the hand, you can be of help by learning how to prepare your children for a move. Not only will you make this impending endeavor easier on them, but on yourself, as well. 

Don’t keep your children in the dark

No matter which parenting method you believe in, there is one that will never go out of style. It is a known fact that kids respond the best to honest conversation. That is why to prepare your children for a move, you need to sit them down, and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Explain the changes that are about to ensue, as well as why they are necessary. Don’t try to sugar coat the situation, as your children will pretty soon experience all the changes by themselves. If they form a false image in their head, they will be in for a rude awakening. This is particularly true for an interstate move. Such a move entails a complete change in a person’s life, be that person 8 or 88 years old.

Mother talking to her daughter
A simple talk can go a long way in helping you prepare your children for a move.

Let your kids be of help

One thing that a lot of parents do in an attempt to help is excluding their children completely from the moving process. Your kids are tougher than you think! No one is saying that they should act as your Orlando residential movers and lift heavy objects. On the other hand, they should also not be biased lookers-on and do nothing to help. As with everything else in life, moderation is the key, so make sure you abide by this golden rule for your move! 

What can your children help with?

Which tasks you entrust your kids with depends on their age. Teenagers, for example, can do just about anything you can do. You can give them the task of helping you pack, gathering packing supplies, notifying your family of your upcoming relocation, etc. On the other hand, if you have kids younger than 10, giving them small tasks that will help them feel included but not overburden them is the best thing. For example, even if your kids are 3 or 4 years old, they are perfectly capable of packing their own toys. Give them a moving box, and explain what they are supposed to do.

These tasks might seem small to you know, but they will help you out immensely once the moving date approaches. Also, they will help you prepare your children for a move by letting them participate in the moving process. As experienced moving professionals in Orlando, we can assure you that there is nothing better than handling a move as a family! 

Teddy bear toy
Whether it’s packing up their own toys or shopping for packing supplies, your kids can be of help.

Prepare your children for a move by showing them the new surroundings

Unless you are moving down the street, your whole family is about to step out of their comfort zone and completely change their surroundings. This change will be difficult for you, and you are the one who has made the decision to move. For your kids, this type of change can be like a nightmare. That is when you enter the scene. 

Long before the moving date approaches and your local movers Orlando appear in front of your home, dedicate at least one day for a family trip. If possible, take a drive to your new city and explore the place. See where the new school is located, and how far away it is from your new home. Look for interesting places where your family will spend their weekends, such as the near-by parks and cinemas. Getting to know the new city will immensely help you settle in after moving, and adjusting to the life that is ahead. 

Of course, if you are moving to another state or even a continent, taking a short trip will most likely not be doable. In such a situation, all you will have to rely on will be the Internet and your own voice. Once again, talk through your move with the kids. Listen to their doubts and fears, and try to assure them that everything will be okay. Moving can only be successful when the entire family acts as a team!

Help your kids adjust to the new school

If you have a school-aged child, you have one very important thing to worry about – their education. Besides always making sure your kid attends a good school, you also need to see to it that he or she fits in well. The years we spend in school are tender ones. The last thing you want is for your child to distance itself from its peers. 

Child paints - a great way to prepare your children for a move
Ensure your children can always do what they love.

If there is a fun afterschool activity your kid has been a part of so far, it is your job to make sure he can continue to attend it in the new school. Being a part of a club is beneficial for many reasons, one of them being the fact that the students have a chance to socialize. So, do your research on time, and prepare your children for a move that way.

Have patience

In order to prepare your children for a move, you will need patience, and lots of it! There is a high probability your child will start acting up before, during and after the move. This is no time to be a strict parent. Understand the reasons behind their behavior and you will, most likely, be able to stop it. Good luck, and hopefully everything will go according to the plan. 


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