How to prepare your motorcycle for transport?

A man on a motorcycle.

If you own a motorcycle, chances are that it is your biggest passion in life. Nothing compares to that feeling you get while speeding down a solitary road alone or with good company. Naturally, when you have to relocate your life to another city or possibly even state, going without your motorcycle is simply unthinkable. Whether you decide to hire an Orlando moving and storage company or ship your motorcycle some other way, you need to know how to prepare it. No, to prepare your motorcycle for transport is not an easy thing by no means. But it can and should be done! And here’s how!

First things first – a thorough cleanse is in order

When you are switching homes, what is an obligatory thing to do? It’s to clean both the old place and the new one. Along with the rest of your furniture, of course. So, when transporting a vehicle, it should be no different. Start by giving your metal friend a proper wash. Make sure there are no soil residues on wheels and tires and give it a good scrub. Besides, this will be a good thing in the long run as there is nothing like driving a shiny motorcycle, don’t you agree?

Checking for the damage may be the crucial step to prepare a motorcycle for transport

Let’s imagine you hired movers Port Orange FL or any other company based in your area. They are probably trained professionals who have handled this task hundreds of times. But upon arrival, you take a look at your bike and notice a few scratches you thought weren’t there before. You think, but you are not sure! How can you take any further measures against the company when you cannot be certain? All of that could have been avoided had you just inspected your bike beforehand.

A notebook and a pen to help prepare your motorcycle for transport.
All you need is a pen and paper to ensure your motorcycle is inspected for damage.

So, days before the scheduled transport, take a pen and paper and dedicate an hour or so to the inspection of your bike. We already know you are probably familiar with every dot present on the bike. But still, check again for any new dents and scratches and write them down. As an added bonus, take a picture with your camera. That is a watertight proof should you need to present it someplace else.

Check fluids, battery, etc.

Now, this part you can do by yourself or you can have a mechanic take a look at your motorcycle. To prepare your motorcycle for transport, you will want to ensure that it’s in the optimal running condition. Your mechanic will check the fluids, battery, tire pressure and everything else he/she deems necessary. Should there be any glitches, they will repair it on spot.

Remove all unnecessary items when preparing your motorcycle for transport

Have you ever watched residential Orlando movers at work? When moving furniture, they always take every piece apart. Of course, that goes for those items that can be taken apart. It allows for easier maneuvering and takes off some weight. That’s something the person that’s carrying it will be thankful for! There is no reason for it to be any different when transporting a bike.

A green scooter.
Remove all unnecessary parts in order to prepare a motorcycle for transport.

Take off the handlebars and all protruding parts (once again, those that can be safely taken apart). Remove all accessories and loose items, and turn off your alarm system. Of course, everything that you take off should be safely stored. You don’t precisely have to rent a storage unit, but you do have to make sure your items have a safe place.

Pay attention to the gas in your tank

While we understand your need to sit on your bike the minute you arrive and take off, you should still be prudent. There is no need whatsoever for your bike to travel with a full tank. It will be a minute’s work to fill it up once you arrive, but it will create plenty of trouble during transport. So, when preparing a bike for moving, make sure that the tank isn’t more than 1/4 full. Ideally, you would leave your bike with a completely empty tank.

Take pictures of your bike at the drop-off location

Yes, we know we already said you should take pictures of the damage while inspecting your bike. But this is different. You should take a picture of the final condition of your bike once you take it to the drop-off location. That way, you will have every right to demand to see your bike upon arrival at that same condition. Plus, you can never be too safe, so a few extra pics won’t hurt. 

A woman holding a camera.
You don’t need to have professional pics done. Just the ones with a camera of average quality.

The final and most important part for preparing your motorcycle for transport – purchasing insurance

We all like the feeling of safety, don’t we? As a bike owner, your goal is to know that you will see it in the same condition you left it. But if that doesn’t happen, you need to know that the damage will be repaired. And that you will be reimbursed an appropriate sum of money. 

That can only happen if you purchase insurance. We know that when trying to prepare your motorcycle for transport, the last thing you need is additional costs. This process is expensive enough as it is. But, think of it like this – spending some money on insurance now saves you from spending bundles of cash should something go wrong down the line. So be prudent and invest some funds in safety. If insurance were bad, we wouldn’t be having countless insurance policies for every segment of our lives, would we? There you have something to think about in the days to come!


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