How to protect yourself from COVID-19 while moving home?

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Moving is usually quite stressful. You have to find the best movers Winter Springs FL, gather packing supplies, make a moving schedule, pack your entire household, and so much more while trying to finish all of them by your moving date. As you might know, stress can have negative effects on your body. You can catch a cold, feel weak, have a headache, and similar. These symptoms will pass after a couple of days of relaxing at your new home. However, almost every country in the world is fighting the new coronavirus. Many countries declared a state of emergency in order to stop the coronavirus pandemic. The situation is the United States is grave as well, but some states still permit relocation. If you need to move and you can do it, here are all the ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 while moving home. 

What is COVID-19? 

Even though most people by now know about coronavirus and COVID-19, there are still many misunderstandings. For this reason, here all the important information regarding this virus. Coronavirus belongs to a large family of viruses that cause various diseases. They mostly cause the common cold, but they are responsible for much more severe diseases. Coronavirus causes a disease called COVID-19. COVID-19 is a severe acute respiratory syndrome. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC for short, state that COVID-19 is spread like the common flu. This means the disease is transmitted through close contacts, such as standing next to someone when they cough or sneeze, and through infected surfaces. As for symptoms, they can include cough, fever, fatigue, and shortness of breath. As of now, there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, but many scientists are developing one.  

protect yourself from COVID-19 when moving home by reading the information on the phone
Make sure to understand the symptoms and how the disease is transmitted

Protect yourself from COVID-19 while moving home by washing hands 

Since you can get COVID-19 through the infected surface, it is extremely important to wash your hands. Many doctors advise people to wash their hands more than usual. This means you should wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. You have to wash your hands before eating, after going to the bathroom, and most importantly, after coughing and sneezing. In addition to this, avoid touching your face. Since you are moving, you will look for moving services Orlando. For this reason, movers will come to your house to pick up your items. Try not to shake their hands with movers. If you need to blow your nose or cough, make sure to use a tissue. The same thing applies to movers as well. Ask them to wash their hands, use gloves, and tissues. Lastly, you should keep a distance from them. Avoid close contact if you can. 

Check your movers 

Because of COVID-19, it is even more important to hire reliable movers. All the rules apply. First, ask for recommendations. If not search on the Internet. Find at least three moving companies to compare their moving quotes. In addition to this, you should read moving reviews and check if movers have a license issued by the FMSCA. However, the background check does not end here. In order to protect yourself from COVID-19 while moving home, you have to ask additional questions. When you are interviewing your potential movers, ask about their safety measures. See if they use gloves, masks, and so on. Furthermore, see if movers clean and sanitize their moving trucks and equipment. Lastly, make sure to ask about employees. They should not be sick or show worrisome symptoms. Since COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, do not let sick movers inside your home. 

face mask and digital thermometer
Wear a mask if you have symptoms

Protect yourself from COVID-19 while moving by cleaning everything 

It is extremely important to clean your old and new home. When you are moving, you have to declutter and clean your home, especially if it is a rental property. Do the same thing with your boxes as well. Because of the coronavirus, you should clean the new home as well. Usually, people would hire a professional cleaning company. However, you cannot be sure if they are completely healthy as well since some people do not even have symptoms yet they can still infect someone else. For this reason, you should be the one to clean your new home. Clean every surface of the house before unpacking your items. In addition to this, when movers deliver your boxes, you should wipe them as well. You can never know if someone coughed or sneezed next to your boxes.  

Prepare for self-isolation 

Since every state is closing down, prepare for isolation. In addition to this, you should stay away from public spaces as much as possible. For this reason, bring food, water, toiletries, and other important items. Do not hoard toilet paper as other people have been doing. It is completely unnecessary and it can only cause more trouble. Also, since you should stay in your home, dedicate your time to unpacking and decorating. If you are moving with children, the schools are closed. Therefore, now it is a perfect chance to spend some quality time with your children. If you have a pet, make sure to take care of them as well. Dogs need to take a walk. If you do not have a backyard, take them for a walk. Keep distance while walking your dog. Do not hug or kiss anyone and do not shake hands.  

empty shelves at supermarket
Do not buy a large amount of food and toilet paper

Protect yourself from COVID-19 

In the end, read again how you can protect yourself from COVID-19 while moving home and afterward as well. 

  • Clean your house 
  • Check your movers 
  • Avoid close contact with people and movers 
  • Do not touch your face 
  • Wash your hands often 
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you are sneezing and coughing 
  • You do not have to wear a mask unless you have symptoms 
  • If you have symptoms, notify your doctor and do not leave the house 
  • Try to stay home as much as possible

If you follow the rules, you can avoid contracting COVID-19. 


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