How to safely pack your camera bag

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I am clumsy by nature. It is not a choice, nor am I able to train myself against it somehow. It is simply a part of who and what I am. There is no stopping it. Whatever I grab I will most likely drop it, sooner or later. I wish it were otherwise. One of the events that are extremely scary for us clumsy people is when you need to pack your camera bag. This experience is terrible. Unfortunately or otherwise I own a very large camera kit. Every single piece of it is ridiculously fragile. One drop and it could get broken for good. This is why each time you have to pack your camera bag – you should spend extra time being ridiculously cautious.

How to safely pack your camera bag - a camera
Your precious camera should stay safe

Now, the steps that I take to ensure my equipment’s safety are a bit over the top, I do agree. But, the only reason I am doing this is that this means that I will be safe 100%. And any digit less than this means I will break half of it. Especially when we are talking about equipment that is this expensive. I will list some of the steps that I need when I pack my bag so that you get some ideas for when you need to pack your camera bag. At the end of the day, it is not as complicated as preparing your motorcycle for transport.

Pack your camera bag – the safe route

My camera bag consists of 6 lenses, for shooting in almost all environments. These lenses are one of the most expensive things I own. However, they are just as much fragile as they are costly. One solid drop of this, from the height of your waist, and you can say goodbye to that 2 thousand dollar lens. There is no repair, there is no substitution. The only way to fix it afterward is to purchase a new one. So the best way to fix this is to never drop in the first place.

Easier said than done, at least in my case. I tend to look at this from a different perspective. I know I am going to drop it, so why struggle with it? Accept that fact that it will be dropped and find ways to mitigate it when it happens. This is why I was able to come up with solutions that have been working for the past year. In order to testify to that, I have no bought a single camera piece or lens in over 1 year 2 months. This means that what I do own is being kept super safe. So, what are the steps?

Sometimes when you are going to pack your camera bag, you need to pack a computer and some other items too.
Sometimes you need to pack more than just the camera…

Alternatively, if you contact your moving company to ask about the Orlando movers quotes, you can also include the fact that you may have a lot of camera equipment to transport. They should be aware of it.

Buy the biggest, softest blanket you can find

You are probably wondering – why would I need a blanket. Furthermore, why huge and why soft? I have realized that there is no way to stop me from dropping things. This is why I have a very cheap smartphone – if it fell down and broke I wouldn’t be at much of a loss. And the poor fella has taken quite a bit of punishment over the years. This is something, though, that I can recover from when its a matter of a phone. However, if this were to happen to my lenses it would cost a fortune. Furthermore, I would have nobody but myself to blame.

This is why I have a huge, soft blanket. If you are going to pack your camera bag, take the blanket with you. Pick a surface on which you will be doing all this and place the blanket underneath. Make sure it covers as much ground around you as possible, including yourself. Given the softness of the blanket, and the ground it covers – when it happens that I drop it absolutely no harm will come to it. It will be indestructible against such instructors and trainers. So why a blanket? We will call it a safety net. Something very easy to find that will ensure the safety of your equipment at all times.

The way you pack it

There is a lot with how you pack. The most important tip I can give you is not to overdo it. As soon as your camera bag is over-crowded you are risking things falling out or the entire bag giving in. Remember, it is not a jungle survival bag. It is just an ordinary camera equipment bag. If you are going on a trip, and you do photography, you know exactly what type of lens you need for the location. This is why you should never bring all of them. Analyze which ones have the highest value and see how much of it can you fit in your bag, without stuffing it.

A camera
Keep your tool safe!

I usually have one lens fixed on the camera while I have 2 more in the bag (or simply just one). The other lenses would most likely not be used for this shooting as you are already very familiar with what you need them for. So, pack your camera bag lightly. Don’t overdo it. If the contents of it start falling down you will be in massive danger.

Consult a moving company on how to pack your camera bag

The fact of the matter is – if you are still lost on how to do it you should consult movers Ormond Beach. If anybody knows the best way to tuck the things away safely it will be them. We are but one phone call away, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and learn all that you need about such advice. We will be more than happy to help!


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