How to save space when packing clothes?

clothes on hangers

If you wish to know how to help your relocation the best when packing, you need to read about how to save space when packing clothes. Fortunately or not, clothes are the thing that takes up the most space. It is not the furniture, the couches, and the washing machines. They have the dimensions they do, and they are a single piece of furniture, easily maneuverable and moved around. When you start preparing all your clothes for the relocation, you get to a scary moment where you realize you are standing atop of mount socks that will never fit in the truck as it is.

After this, you have a rather cute and unproductive panic attack, after which you are finally able to sit down, contemplate and plan out your next moves. It is, quite simple actually. There are several ways you could go about packing your clothes in order to save space when packing clothes. Now, this is applicable both for a vacation and a relocation. Still, we will focus more on the relocating bit. Under the premise that you did go ahead and hire long distance movers, we will conclude that you will have a truck or two (or three) waiting for you on the agreed upon date. This means that these trucks are going to be available for you to load all your belongings on to it and be on your way. All you need to do now is pack all you have and go!

How would you save space when packing clothes?

When you are packing furniture it is pretty straight forward. There are no 10 ways that you can go about doing this. There is one, potentially two, depending on the furniture. It is because of this that it is such a straight forward process that there are no making alternatives around. You pick up the nasty old couch and carry it down the stairs, load it into the truck and unload it to the final destination. Pretty simple and pretty straight forward.

Clothes on hangers
Clothes can take up quite a bit of space.

When it comes to packing clothes it becomes a little different. A little complicated, rather. The complication hides behind the fact that with clothes you have a lot of choices. You literally have over 10 different choices as to how you are going to do the relocation. It would be highly beneficial for you if your moving professional explained what your options were. However, it is not a big deal as we will cover several most important ones here.

If you want to save space when packing clothes – you need to compress

The best possible way you could ever hope for is compressing your clothes. It is a preposterously easy procedure, but in order to do it, you need to have several items at your disposal. However, if you adopt this principle it would be a monument of success that you will always strive for.

Compressing is complicated and simple at the same time. You simply require some special items in order to make it work. The most important bit is the zip-lock that can be closed shut, but that has a hole used to vacuum suck the air out. These bags are your golden lion when it comes to moving. If you had access to these, a lot of these, your moving could be so simple you could transport your clothes by car alone. Also, if your clothes are compressed it is easier to store them. If you happen to need storage, you would do well to read up on renting storage.

To save space when packing clothes, just compress them!
Compression is an excellent method of saving up space!

However, not everyone has this so it is sometimes difficult to come by, especially depending on which country you live in. However, if you did have one, you would take it and you would experiment. You’d take the bag and put in a preselected amount of clothing. After this, we would close the zip bag and grab the vacuum healer. Place the vacuum into the placeholder for it and suck all the air out of the bag, leaving nothing but your clothes. This will reduce the size of a moving bag by probably well over 50%. This means that you could pack and carry much more on your journeys.

Organize and sort your clothing

One of the key ways to save money and to save space when packing clothes is to have your clothes organized. If you are going to start throwing stuff into random trash cans, we would be moving around for a while. The easiest way is to sort clothing into categories and match them together. T-shirts with T-shirts, pants with pants. This way you are able to cross them one over the other and still make somewhat of a compression. It is not as potent as the magic bags, but this method can save you a lot of space too. Every good apartment movers Orlando will tell you the same.

So, the most important thing, stack clothes one on top of the other, sorted into appropriate categories. Everything else should be a breeze

Sorted shirts on a rack
Organize your clothes by category!

Use huge suitcases

This is something that could potentially save a lot of space. Suitcases have a limited amount of clothes they can carry. This is why you can sort of compress the items inside and force them to fit together. Again, whatever happens later in the truck is less relevant, if items can fit together. And I saw they could.

Take as much clothing as you can and load up that suitcase! After that, you might have some issues closing it up, but the best method is – sit on it and jump! As funny as it may seem, this could save you an incredible amount of space.

All in all, it takes some craftiness and creativity.

Best of luck to you!


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