How to speed up your moving process

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A moving process isn’t a pleasant ordeal, but it has to be done. In that regard, it is much like dental appointments, doctor appointments, car checkups, DVA visits, etc… And, just like all of those things, it a) feels good when it is done as the benefits are obvious; b) is best done as fast as possible without losing quality. So how do you do it? Is it even possible to rush and not lose any quality in the way? In other words, is it possible to speed up your moving process without jeopardizing it?

Yes. It. Is.

All you need is good planning and willingness to put in the effort. Trust us. It might be a tougher ride, but having it last shorter will definitely help your stress levels.

And just think about it. Don’t define moving by the process of planning, packing and relocating. Define it by its objective. It’s a conclusion. By the new home and a new life, you are about to have. That is what you are speeding to, and we for one think it is absolutely worth it!

Organize to speed up your moving process

First and foremost, you have to get planning. And we mean some serious planning. Long before the moving companies Orlando come to your door you should have it all in the bag. So what do we mean by this? Well, first of, scan the whole house. Locate every object in every room, and make a checklist. On the checklist, you should split objects into few categories.

Organize to speed up your moving process
Organize so you don’t waste a minute more than you absolutely have to.

Those categories should mainly be:

  • Useless things/clutter – Things are best thrown away. There are few things that do more for trying to speed up your moving process like making sure that there is less stuff to move.
  • Things to donate or sell or give away – The things that are of use, just not to you. You can either sell them for a small profit, donate them to a charity like operation smile and the like or simply give them away to friends and family you think are in need of it. This goes for everything from old collections of mixtapes, car parts, furniture and home appliances to older computers and obsolete tools.
  • Things that are going with you – Things you will move. Be sure to both tick them as such and then also mark their room of origin. Toaster for a kitchen, bed for the bedroom – that kind of stuff. It will help you a lot once you actually get packing.
    • Priority items – These are a subcategory in the needed things. They can either represent essentials and be the last items packed, or be a considered priority in the packing, being the first one moved – depending on what you want from the list.

Before we continue on what to do before affordable movers Orlando can show up and reallocate you, we have some more things to explain…


To elaborate on the “priority category”. What items go here depends on your outlook.

The first options for these items to be those you cannot do without. In this case, they are not the first to be packed, of course. Rather, they are to be packed separately as you will need them on the move.

However, if it is the case that priority for you are the things you should pack first, or get furniture movers Orlando FL and others to pack them first for you, then this category will have things you either cant pack alone or those for which you are certain is the best to go first, for the sake of speed.

Get yourself a head start

Time management skills are rather important in this particular case. If you start your prep early, and not leave all the work for the day-before-crunch, you will save yourself a lot of stress and a lot of time. You can speed up your moving process by simply giving yourself a head start.

Start planning early. While you can’t really pack most of the things, do pack those that you can. Attics and garages can go away early. Also, plants have to be prepared for packing 3 weeks before, so if you have a garden, take it into consideration.

If you start early, making the move faster will not take much more effort of you then the normal one, and you will have plenty of time to rest.

Get some help

Too much work for one person? Get some help. More hands will always do the job faster. Just be sure you are not over your head and that you are not absolutely dependent on friends help.

Get some help
Get some help in order to make the job go faster and smoother (and sometimes more fun as well)

Unlike paid professionals, friends cant be counted on whenever you actually need them. They have their own schedules and jobs and are simply not always available like short term storage Orlando services.

Quicker unloading

Loading things to the truck will always go the same speed if the size and crew variables are left untouched, however, that does not hold true when we look at the unloading process.

Quicker unloading
How to achieve faster unloading?

Unloading process can speed up by careful planning during the loading. Load heavier objects on the back of the trick fit, then loading ever lighter objects. This will make unloading them much easier, practical and (in our case most importantly) faster.

To sum things up

So to conclude, when it comes to trying to speed up your moving process what can you do? Start early, be organized, get help and be smart about packing and loading. As you see, most of the speed is gained before the actual move day, therefore, be prepared for every step is your best option.

We hope that you will successfully apply the knowledge we have provided for you and that you will finish your move in no time! Bon voyage!


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