How to spot and avoid a moving scam?

how to spot and avoid a moving scam

With so many people moving all the time, the business has grown greatly. You can find all sorts of moving companies that can suit all your specific needs. Whether you need to move your home, or you need a commercial move, there is something for you for sure. However, with so many good and reliable moving companies, the number of scams and moving problems has grown as well.  People who will do anything to scam potential clients are everywhere. So, when choosing a moving company, you need to be very careful. It is very important to trust a company who will deal with all your belongings. So today, we will help you learn how to spot and avoid a moving scam in the moving industry. Trust us, with a proper planning and being informed, it is very easy to do that.

Do some research to spot and avoid a moving scam

Having a proper knowledge of what exists on the market is the key to success. Be sure to find a couple of companies that you like, so that you can make a proper selection. Here are the ways to that.


The Internet is an amazing source of information if you know how to use it. You can find a huge number of moving companies online. A trustworthy moving company should have a proper website with all sorts of useful information. Also, some of the companies use social networks to promote their services and attract clients. However, don’t trust everything you see online. Sometimes, good comments and unrealistic reviews are a sign of a fraud.

a man using a laptop and holding a cup of coffee finding a way to spot and avoid a moving scam
The Internet can be a great way to spot and avoid a moving scam

Among the people you know

They people you know, your friends, family, and co-workers have probably moved a couple of times. They could be a good source of both positive and negative information about a company. Be careful, though – ask the people you really trust and also find those in similar moving and the financial situation like you. You can get great advice and some recommendations as well.

Ask your real estate agent

Real estate agents probably have a recommendation for you the moment you ask them. So, if you are hiring one of them, ask them about a good moving company in the area.

Finally, after getting a couple of recommendations, and finding some options online, it’s time to make a list. You should have at least three moving companies to compare and then make a decision. We will also tell you how to double check those companies, make the right decision, and spot and avoid a moving scam.

Does the moving company have an address?

Checking the address is really important. First, see the internet address. A trustworthy moving company should have a proper website with all sorts of information like service list, address, phone number, and other contact details. Next, check the physical address of the company. Use Google maps to find it, and if possible go and see it. If there are no offices or the ones that exist look suspicious, a scam is around the corner.

Check the license

It is extremely important to find a company that has a proper license for doing the moving business. This license requires them to meet certain requirements and therefore makes them better and reliable. This license protects you from any violations and scams.

The most common violations

The most common situations that happen that violate the law of moving business are:

  • asking for a large cash/card deposit before your belongings are packed and ready to go. Ask for the payment style they require and avoid paying a big deposit, especially in cash.
  • Vague terms and conditions of the contract – double check the contract and ask for specific details of it. Vague information could lead to the violation and possible scam.
  • You never got information about your rights and responsibilities of the company. Usually, it is given as a brochure, so be sure to ask for that. If there are no details to read or they seem suspicious, give up on that company and avoid being scammed.

Check their vehicles

Another reason to visit the company’s offices. The moving vehicles of a reliable moving company should be in good condition. Also, they should have proper branding on them, like the name of the company, address or phone number.

moving truck - how to stop and avoid moving scam
Reliable moving company’s trucks should be branded and in good condition

Check their storage

The final reason for going on the spot. If you need a reliable storage space, be sure to visit it, as well. It should be properly cleaned, labeled and have all the necessary security options as well as the proper lighting.

storage doors
If you need a storage, it would be great to visit it – a great way to spot and avoid a moving scam

The moving quote is not clear

You can always get a free moving quote online. However, a trustworthy moving company should do an in-house visit and make a detailed specification of your moving estimate. Your part of the job is to show them everything you want them to move, to avoid any problems when is the time to pay.

Beware of the too-good-to-be-true offers

The reason why you should have a list of a couple of moving companies is to find out the average price of the services you need so you can spot and avoid a moving scam. If a company offers a way too cheaper pricing – something is probably wrong. They could be luring the clients in trying to commit a scam. Furthermore, to spot and avoid a moving scam, beware of the pricey options. To expensive companies don’t always provide the best service. So, when asking about the price, don’t be fooled by the numbers but to the check on each company, you find as an option. When you have a list of companies, you will understand the average pricing of the services you need, and therefore know how much you actually need to pay.



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