How to store wood furniture correctly

Wood furniture - How to store wood furniture correctly

When you’re storing any kind of furniture you need to do it properly. That is, if you want it to look brand new when you decide on using it again. For example, glass furniture can scratch. Metal furniture can rust. But wood furniture needs to be stored even more carefully because wood is a delicate material that can deteriorate easily. By using these tips on how to store wood furniture correctly you’ll make sure that your furniture continues looking like it’s brand new.

Find the perfect storage

Before you start preparing your wood furniture for storage you need to find the perfect storage unit. Being cheap or close to your home are not the only things that make a storage unit perfect. There are many other qualities that make a storage unit perfect.

You should, for example, take into account the size of a storage unit that you’re getting. The reason why I’m saying this is that you can easily scratch wood furniture. Especially if you’re trying to fit it into a small storage unit. So before movers Winter Garden FL bring your furniture to storage, measure each piece of furniture that you’re storing and choose the size of storage accordingly.

Find the perfect storage – climate-controlled units

However, the most important thing your storage should have is probably a climate-controlled unit. So if possible, choose storage Orlando where you can control the temperature so that you can store wood furniture correctly. This is important because wood can expand and contract when the temperature changes.

Crack in wood - How to store wood furniture correctly
Changes in temperature lead to cracks in your wood furniture.

Another thing why climate-controlled units are a better option for storing wood furniture correctly is humidity. The growth of mold and mildew is promoted by humidity which then causes wood to rot. So by using this kind of storage unit, you can control humidity and thus prevent mold.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford a climate-controlled storage unit don’t worry. For there are other tricks you can use to store wood furniture correctly.

Prepare your wood furniture for your storage

One thing you should know about if you want to prepare your furniture for long-term storage is that wood is prone to drying out. It is only natural that wood dries out when it’s exposed to changes in temperature. But it can also happen even when the temperatures are stable. So you should protect your wood furniture whether you can control the climate in your storage unit or not.

What happens if your wood furniture dries out is that it becomes more susceptible to cracks. And the simplest way to prevent that is by putting a coat of furniture polish on your wood furniture.

Or if you prefer wax, you can use it instead of furniture polish.

Preparing your storage unit for your wood furniture

I know it sounds silly, but it is equally important that you prepare your storage unit for your wood furniture. If not more important! Because there’s no use in preparing your furniture for storage only to have it damaged by your storage unit.

There are a few things that are dangerous to your wood furniture. But we’ll give you two of the most dangerous ones:

  • moisture
  • flood

How to store wood furniture – moisture

Most of the storage units have a concrete floor. And moisture leaches from the ground. This means that if you put your wood furniture directly on the floor it can swell or rot. So you should put something in between the floor and the furniture to protect it from moisture. You can do that by laying the floor with something plastic or something waterproof.

Moisture on concrete - How to store wood furniture properly
Don’t leave it to chance, cover the concrete floor in your storage!

How to store wood furniture – flood

The chances of a flood ruining your belongings in your storage are small. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. So if you want to store wood furniture properly, you should consider putting something underneath it. That something can be pallets or cinder blocks.

Furthermore, keeping your wood furniture elevated can not only prevent moisture from damaging your furniture.  But it also allows ventilation which is important if you want your furniture to be looking like it’s brand new.

If you want to store wood furniture correctly disassemble it

The benefits of disassembling your furniture before storing it are great. Thus, you should do that if it’s possible, of course. Because if you disassemble your wood furniture it’ll take up less space. Plus, it’ll be more compact which will make it less troublesome to wrap it. And all of that will make it easier to store your wood furniture correctly.

One hack that will make your life easier is to put all the screws and the bolts in one plastic bag once you’ve disassembled a piece of furniture. Then close the bag and stick it to the box in which you put the pieces. By doing so, you won’t have a headache when you are trying to reassemble your wood furniture.

Protecting your wood furniture

Before putting your wood furniture in your storage unit don’t forget to wrap it. It doesn’t matter if you have a climate-controlled unit or not, you’d better wrap your furniture. If you don’t do that your furniture can get scratched, exposed to moisture, changes in temperature and so on.

You shouldn’t wrap it with plastic because it’s transparent and your wood furniture will be exposed to light. And wood is a material that fades if exposed to any light source. Another reason why plastic is not a good option is condensation which can cause your wood furniture to swell. So you should use something like your old bedsheets or blankets.

Make room for everything when storing wood furniture

Lastly, if you want to store wood furniture correctly don’t put anything on top or underneath it. The reason is obvious – other items can scratch your wood furniture if they get in contact with it. So your storage unit should be organized, it mustn’t be cramped. Remember this when you’re choosing the size of your storage unit. And hopefully, these tips will help you store wood furniture correctly!


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