How to store your antique furniture safely

Antique furniture

When you are storing your furniture you have to prepare it for storage. You can’t just put it in your storage unit and be done with it. Especially not your antique furniture. Because, when neglected, different materials react in a different way. For example, wood rots, glass cracks, and metal rusts. So if you want to store your antique furniture safely you need to do it carefully because antique furniture is precious and delicate. It needs special care even when it’s not in storage. Because, if the antique furniture is not well preserved it loses its worth.

Find the right storage for your antique furniture

Storing your antique furniture safely is all about picking the right storage. And I’m not talking only about picking a reliable company. There are various kinds of storage units to choose from. You can rent a storage unit in a storage warehouse, outside storage, drive-up storage, mobile storage Orlando and so on. And each type of storage has its pros and cons. Each type of storage is perfect for storing some items, but not so perfect for storing others. 

Take your time to find the perfect storage unit for your antique furniture.

Climate-controlled storage units

One trait that you should absolutely look for when searching for perfect storage is climate control. This trait is crucial if you want to store your antique furniture safely! Changes in temperature and moisture are the main reasons why furniture gets damaged when staying long in storage. Climate affects different materials differently:

  • Wood can dry out and crack if it’s in a room with unstable temperature. Moisture can cause mildew which means that wood will rot. And if exposed to any light source, wood can fade.
  • Metal can rust if kept in a humid room.
  • Glass can turn yellow if it’s directly in a light source.

Storage security

Another thing you should pay attention to when you’re choosing any type of storage is security. Anything you store must be well-secured. But when you’re storing your antique furniture it’s even more important. Because, as you well know, antiques can be very valuable which makes them a target for thieves.

So before you rent a storage unit, you should go and check the facility out. If they have a high-quality security system you should be able to see video surveillance, access code for entry, security guards and so on. Ask about their security system. And don’t forget to ask to see the storage unit that is going to be yours. Once there, you should look for a door alarm that is only attached to your storage unit. And of course, you should double-check if the surveillance covers the area where your storage unit is.

Prevent moisture to store your antique furniture safely

Most of the storage units have concrete floors. And if you place your antique furniture directly on that kind of floor it’ll be exposed to the moisture that comes from the ground. So what you can do to avoid that is to elevate your antique furniture for safe storing. You can put wooden pallets or cinder blocks on the floor and then put your antique furniture on top of it. Plus, if you keep your furniture elevated it’ll also be good for ventilation.

However, if for some reason you can’t keep your antique furniture elevated there are other ways to protect it from moisture that comes from the ground. Namely, you can put something plastic underneath it. Or you can put something else as long as it’s waterproof. That is not as good as elevation, but it’ll do.

Time to treat your antique furniture for safe storing

Now that you’ve picked and prepared the perfect storage unit for your antique furniture it’s time to take care of your furniture. You can just put it in storage as it is. But then the risk of it getting damaged is much greater.

Antique furniture - How to store your antique furniture safely
Preparing your antique furniture in order to store it safely can be easily done.

You can pack some belongings for storage in a day, but your antique furniture isn’t one of those belongings.  Because a few weeks before you store your antique furniture you should treat it so that it has time to dry out. However, it’s important to know that you can’t treat every material with the same thing. Every material needs a different kind of protection. Namely, you should put a coat of furniture polish or wax on wooden parts of your antique furniture. You should treat the leather with a leather conditioner. And use oil for metal parts.

How to store your antique furniture safely? Wrap it up!

Once the furniture is dry you should disassemble it. Do it gently for antique furniture is delicate. And label properly all of the pieces that you’ve managed to disassemble. Don’t forget to put screws and bolts in separate plastic bags and keep them next to the pieces of furniture that they belong to.

One more thing you need to do before furniture movers Orlando FL put your antique furniture in storage safely is to wrap it in something. But be aware that not everything is good for wrapping. For example, many people make the mistake of wrapping their antique furniture in plastic wrap. Plastic wrap is not good for safe storing because it can trap moisture and make your antique furniture rot. Having in mind that, old sheets and blankets are your best option if you want to store your antique furniture safely.

A light bulb - How to store your antique furniture safely
Plastic wrap is usually transparent and as such, it can’t protect your antique furniture from light.

Get insurance in order to store your antique furniture safely

The last step to store your antique furniture safely is to make an inventory list and photograph everything. The main reason why you should do that is insurance. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen to your antique furniture, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Furthermore, antique furniture can be very valuable and expensive. So you should also consider estimating the value of the items and the cost of replacing or repairing them.


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