How to successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship


It is remarkable just how much effort goes into a long-distance relationship. All relationships are (very much voluntary and feel-good) work, all that last at least. But, long distance is something completely on another level. It is hours upon hours on any possible app/phone. Texting and Face Timing all the time. Talking about your day – all day. Memorizing partners schedule to the minute in order to know when they are free to talk. Counting days until you will finally see each other in person… However, these relationships are always temporary by their nature. It stands to reason that they can end either in break up or moving in together. If you are reading this, you are surely getting prepared or have already gotten through with this wonderful idea of moving in together! Awesome. All you need know is the know-how on how to successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship. 

In this, we can help. Long-distance is hard, but that doesn’t mean that the long wished dream of moving in together won’t present its own challenges. It is best to be prepared for them by having a few things on your mind.


So, the first advice is actually something that comes before there is even an opportunity to live together. Before the moving companies Orlando relocate you before you finally both get jobs in the same city etc… This really comes before the lucky stars have aligned in your favor, so if you already have the environment in which the move is imminent, read this with little concern, as all other parts of this post will relate to you with much more consequence.

It doesn’t have to be glamorous – it should matter that it is the two of you

Here we are talking about visits and trips.

Personalities can often be very compatible, but the lifestyles and tastes can be (rather surprisingly ) incompatible. This is why you need little “tests” from time to time of spending time together. Trips to Disneyland or a summer destination are welcomed, yes, but they are not the point.

The point is to get to know how the other person is behaving when you share a room in a hotel and being together for a few days. It is a small trial version of a full living together experience. To successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship means to know that the partner is not drastically different in how he or she lives their life. It is to know that, right from the get-go, there are no major red flags.

Not right away

Furthermore, when the conditions for a move to the same city are right – there is no necessity to go right away with living in the same house together. For example, when moving to Sorrentino, why not hire movers Sorrento FL, to move you to the same town, but different locations? (especially if one of you is already living there). Think about it! While the advice that yells “Hold your horses” is certainly not the most popular amount partners that counted minutes until their next real-life meeting, it is good to ease into things. To move in together is to climb a tall hill. It is better to do if over a slope over time than to challenge a steep cliff!

So, before moving in, consider going to the same place, at first. Let them or yourself (or both) establish new friends, new job habits, hobbies … all the things that come with moving to a new place. In other words, let them establish their own life! After that, happily proceed to the main goal that is to successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship

Be realistic

As with everything in life – be realistic. Don’t get your imagination to run wild. Healthy expectations from a move in and a relationship as a whole is a good basis for a good relationship. With tampered expectations, you will almost certainly be pleasingly surprised at many things while still having the level head when some problems inevitably come up.

Establish borders

While you will most certainly aim to spend as much as time as possible together, it is good to still have some degrees of separations. The most common way is to have some me-time. Some partners need this more than others, so agreement around these is crucial. This includes:

  • Hobbies – to successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship, you still have to give them room to be themselves.
  • Work work from home means that they need an office to themselves
  • Read, TV, Games, Freinds – etc that might be a considers special time for the partner.
Keep a place for yourself!

Respecting boundaries in a relationship is a great way to preserve it! These boundaries may also include the budgetary ones, or those referring to standards of living, hygiene, cleanliness, etc… So when one partner insists on affordable movers Orlando, while the other one doesn’t care that much, you should have a discussion on exactly why one would prefer an affordable option…

A team

When movers Daytona beach gets you to your new apartment, a week in after your move, a month or any time period really – you might feel the bumps. These are to be expected, of course, but how to deal with them?

successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship as a team
Solve your problems together!

Problems in relationships are not problems of the partners, but the problems for the partners. You are a team now, especially when you are sharing an apartment, money, etc. You have to meet any challenge as a team and never get into fights where you are attacking the other person. Problems are to be solved together, always. That is the only way to avoid toxicity in your relationship, and consequently your life.

So can you successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship?

Stay realistic, keep your level-head, be a team and be considerate. These are the main things to take away if you are to successfully move in together after a long-distance relationship! Good luck!


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