How to unpack in a day – quick guide

Unpacked moving boxes

Moving can be tiring. It takes a lot of time and energy. It can leave you exhausted. And you just want to be done with it. You can’t wait to lie back in your bed in your new home. Or take a nice long bath to relax. And since you came here to find out how to unpack in a day I want to congratulate you. Because as soon as you unpack you have finished the moving process! So choose between DIY and professional unpacking services. And continue reading to learn what you have to do to unpack in a day.

A clean slate

I know that cleaning is the last thing you want to do when you get to your new home. But it’s really important that you do that first. There are a few reasons why. First of all, you won’t be able to reach some corners and clean a lot of places once you assemble and put your furniture to its place. Furthermore, it’ll be much easier to clean your house in a day when there are no items in your way. And second of all, it’s a good way to inspect your new home. You can find some spots that need to be fixed before you put your furniture there. And third of all, your home is bound to get dirty when the movers constantly go in and out while carrying your belongings.

Boxes and unpacking in a day

I hope you didn’t plan on leaving all of the boxes in the nearest room. And then carrying them to other rooms once you start unpacking. Because if you have you should reconsider. For even though it may feel like it’s not a big deal, trust me, it is when you are trying to unpack in a day. You should put boxes to their designated rooms right away. So, put all of the boxes labeled “living room” by the door of the living room. And then, do it for each room you have.

Furniture assembly - How to unpack in a day
Once your furniture is assembled everything will feel easier

It’s important that you don’t put the boxes in the center of the room. It feels natural to put them there, but don’t do that. Because you want to make enough space in the center of each room. The reason is that you want to make enough room to spread all of the pieces of furniture when assembling it.

Time to assemble furniture

It may seem obvious to assemble furniture first. But some people start by unpacking the first box they come upon on. No matter if it’s a box with furniture or with little items like decorations. But if you want to unpack in a day you shouldn’t waste your time like that. There will be plenty of time later to make your new place to feel like home. Start by assembling the furniture and then get on to decorating. After all, you can’t put your clothes in a wardrobe that isn’t there.

However, if you are not assembling the furniture by yourself because you’ve found affordable movers Orlando who will do that for you there’s something you can do to speed up the process. To reach your goal of unpacking in a day, you should help your movers. And you can do that by using tape to outline where each piece of furniture is supposed to go. And if you’re not pleased with how it looks once they are finished, don’t fret. You can always move it later. The same goes for your belongings like dishes. Just put them in one of the cabinets. And as days go by you’ll see if there’s a better and more practical place to put them.

Be organized if you want to unpack in a day

You have to be well organized if you want to unpack in a day. And the best way to achieve that is by unpacking one room at a time. You should do it in reverse order from how you packed. That is if you packed the rooms you rarely use first. So start with your bathroom and bedroom and then the kitchen. Because those are the rooms you’re going to need and use first. And even if you don’t manage to unpack in a day you can do without other rooms.

If you like making lists. Or if the lists help you beat unpacking procrastination. Now’s a good time to make one. Make a list of the rooms you need to unpack in order of importance. For example, that list can look like this:

  1. bathroom
  2. bedroom
  3. kitchen
  4. living room
  5. office
  6. dining room
  7. guest room
  8. basement
  9. attic

A few hacks to help you unpack in a day

To be honest, unpacking is not that fun. No one likes to do it. There are always countless things you’d rather be doing. So it’s no wonder that you can easily get distracted. And it’s a good thing to have that in mind while unpacking. Because it’ll give you the strength to stay focused. And here’s a useful hack to help you with that – unpack things that might distract you the last.

A pile of boxes
If you don’t break down the boxes they take up so much space

Another hack that can help you to unpack in a day is to break down boxes as you empty them. I’m saying this because people often just toss empty boxes in one room or one place. And soon that pile of boxes becomes way too big. And they have to spend time moving the boxes somewhere else. So why not break down the boxes right away and put them neatly in one corner where they won’t interfere with unpacking?

And lastly, unpacking is a great chance to declutter. If you’ve already done that before packing even better. But there will certainly be some things that you won’t know where to put. So you can just leave them in the box and after a few days decide what to do with them. If you didn’t use them, it’s a sign that you maybe don’t need them. So consider donating them.

Children and unpacking in a day

Unpacking is hard by itself, but add children to that and you get chaos. So if you desire to unpack in a day you need to get someone to take care of your children so that you can dedicate yourself to unpacking.

Children playing games on laptop - unpack in a day
Now’s not the time to forbid them to play games if that’s a way to keep them occupied

If you don’t know anyone in your new city you can ask movers in Winter Park FL for a recommendation. It’s possible that they also have children and know someone reliable to babysit them. However, it’s perfectly reasonable if you don’t feel comfortable with that. You can always think of something that can occupy them for some time. Find something they love doing and give yourself enough time to unpack in a day.


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