How to write a helpful moving review

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Deciding upon a moving company is one of the biggest and hardest decisions you’ll have to make during a move. Although it’s good to ask the company questions about their offers, one can never be too sure. Because of this, the most useful details come from the first-hand experience. In most cases, you will be able to ask your friends and family for advice. However, if they don’t have much experience when it comes moving, you’ll need outside help. This is exactly why everyone should write a helpful moving review after their relocation process ends. In this way, you will do something which benefits everyone involved and interested.

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First-hand recommendations are always welcomed

Before anything else, here are the main details you should consider if you want to write a helpful moving review:

  1. Include the date, time and location of your relocation
  2. Emphasize how satisfied you were with the customer service and your first impression of the movers
  3. Mention how punctual they were
  4. Make note of anything unusual, unexpected, and unplanned
  5. Mention if your items arrived on time and how well the movers handled them
  6. Make an assessment of the whole completed job

How to write a helpful moving review of your mover

Usually, people will go straight to their Internet browsers and look up movers online. When doing online research and browsing, it is certain that you will find other people sharing their experiences. All you’ll need to do is go to the comment section and read the most recent reviews. This is perfect if you don’t have any personal recommendations from friends or family. In this instance, these reviews are your best bet for getting the best deal with your movers. Namely, you’ll be able to read what people think about a certain moving company and how satisfying their work is.

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Helpful moving reviews are really important in decision making

Similarly, after your own relocation process is over, you will want to write a review as well. It is really important that you are very honest and that you give only factual information about your movers. If you want to know how to write a helpful moving review, here are some useful tips.

Mention the approximate date, time, and location of your move

Although you really don’t have to be completely specific about your details, it’s good to include general information. Namely, letting other people know when and where your relocation took place will help them in making their decision. This is because they will be able to find similarities between your move and their own. For example, if you write a good review about movers DeBary FL, they’ll also seriously take into consideration hiring them. In this way, you will help them be more comfortable in making a decision.

Mention how satisfied you are with the customer service and your impressions of the staff

Make sure you emphasize how courteous and helpful your movers were. Also, if they had a gruffer but still an effective approach. What is most important, you shouldn’t be shy to write even a review that isn’t positive. Specifically, if your movers were totally rude, you should let other people know what they can expect. Along with this, make sure you say if they followed through your special requests if you had any. The same goes for the way they answered your questions and how much attention they paid to details. If they have all the traits of reliable movers, make sure you put special emphasis on this. Moreover, if you expressed any negative concerns, make note of how the movers handled those.

Mention how punctual and reliable they were

It is really important to mention if your movers were on time for all your appointments. These include the estimate, moving day, and the delivery of your belongings. Also, if they offer storage containers like mobile storage containers Orlando, make note of those as well. Additionally, it’s good to mention how they handled situations which were out of their control. These include traffic jams or inclement weather.

Mention anything unexpected and unplanned

It is really important to make note of anything you didn’t expect would happen. For example, if there were any charges which weren’t previously mentioned, other people will want to know about them. Also, if the moving company has any unusual operating procedures, you should put emphasis on them. Along with this, all other elements which you didn’t expect along the way are also worth noting.

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Take the time to note down all unexpected events

Assessment of the whole complete job

When you want to bring your review to a close, you should summarize the whole experience. This is one of the key elements to keep in mind if you wish to write a helpful moving review. Specifically, put the focus on is the movers did what was necessary for a satisfactory manner. Along with this, it will be really helpful if you mention whether you would hire them for a different relocation. Another good option is to mention if you would recommend their services to a close friend or family member.

Finally, you will want to say if you think the cost of their services was fair. This is very important since price and merit are what most people will base their decision on. Therefore, if you say that a particular moving company offers incredible services for their price, you will help many people to make a decision.

Ultimately, you want to make it easier for other people when you write a helpful moving review. Similarly, you will find other people’s reviews really helpful. In this way, you contribute to someone’s smoother relocation process and you also get help in return. After all, it is all about making this transitional period easier and more comfortable for everyone going through it!


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