Important places to spot in your new city part 2


Are you planning on moving to a new city soon?

Moving to a new city gives you a rare opportunity to start all over again. From starting a new job to making new friends, a fresh start might be just what you are looking for. However, before you get too comfortable in your new home, there are certain places throughout the city that you need to find. In our last post, our Sanford movers talked about locating the hospital, school and bank in your new city. Keep reading to learn about more important places to spot when you move to a new city:

#4. Post office

The post office is an important place to find, especially during this time of the year. You never know when you’ll need to send a package or apply for a passport, and knowing where the post office is a must for every resident.

#5. Grocery Store

In this day and age, everyone has their own specific dietary requirements and needs, but not all grocery stores carry the necessary items for these kinds of diets. Make sure that there is a good grocery store for you close by so that you don’t have to travel too far to get the food you need.

#6. Hardware Store

Even if you’re not super handy, everyone needs to know where the hardware store is. Whether you are in need of a plunger or an extra box of nails to hang your photos, it’s always a good idea to locate the local hardware store when you move into a new city.


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