Ingenious life hacks for your move part 3


Don’t make your move harder than it has to be!

Have you had a chance to read our moving company’s last couple of blogs? If you haven’t had a chance, check them out! In our first blog, we talked about using a rolling suitcase, cutting your own handles and tips for packing your clothes. In our second blog, we talked about planning dinner ahead of time, keeping your tools handy and recycling your boxes. We have just a few more ingenious life hacks to make your move easier than ever:

#7. Don’t scratch up your hardwood floors!

There’s no better way to scratch up your hardwood floors than sliding heavy furniture across it, but luckily, when you place a towel under your furniture, you won’t have to worry about scratching it up. Towels will also make your heavy furniture a lot easier to move!

#8. No reason to buy expensive moving materials.

There’s no reason for you to have to buy bubble wrap and other packing materials for your fragile items. Utilize your socks and t-shirts to wrap your breakables in the kitchen. You’ll have fewer clothes to pack, no need for bubble wrap and your breakables will be protected!

#9. Avoid leaks with plastic wrap.

There’s nothing worse than opening up your toiletries box to find spilled shampoo, soap or conditioner all over everything. Avoid spills by adding a layer of plastic wrap before you screw the caps onto your liquids.

#10. Donate what you don’t need.

Don’t waste your time and energy moving stuff that you don’t use or need. Donate it or, if you are feeling motivated, have a garage sale!


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