Ingenious life hacks for your move


Want to learn how to make your move easier than ever?

When most people think about moving, they automatically groan and roll their eyes. Moving shouldn’t be a bad thing, in fact, it is the start of a new adventure so it should actually be a good thing! When you know how to make your move easier than ever, you won’t dread your move! That is why our movers in Florida have composed the following list of ingenious life hacks for your move:

#1. Save your back and use rolling suitcases.

Don’t break your back picking up your heaviest boxes! Put your heavy stuff, like books, in your rolling suitcases so that they are easy to move. Not only will this trick keep you from having to do the heavy lifting, but it also requires fewer boxes!

#2. No handles? Cut your own!

Although it’s best to find boxes and crates that already have handles built-in, if you haven’t had any luck, you can still make do. Cut your own handles into your basic cardboard boxes to make lifting easier.

#3. Save space and time when packing your clothes.

There’s no reason for you to waste boxes when you are packing up your closet. Bunch up your clothes while they are still hanging up and wrap them from the bottom with a trash bag. This will make packing and unpacking easier than ever! If you decide to pack up your drawers into boxes, don’t fold, roll. This will help you to save a whole lot of space!

Want to learn more life hacks to make your move easier than ever? If so stay tuned for our next blog.


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