Making a DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers

DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers

If you recently moved, you may not have the time or budget to get top-notch costumes for yourself or your children. Well, if you don’t want to break a bank, you can use the items that you already have to create a Halloween costume! Using everything that you got from your local movers Orlando FL, you can create an unforgettable DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers that will conquer your new neighborhood.

Why is it a good idea to make a DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers?

After your move, the last thing you want to think about is a Halloween costume. But, it is a shame to miss such an important holiday. And you could also use some fun and relaxation after all the trouble that you just went through. So what are you going to do? You do not want to spend some extra money on something that you are going to wear only one night. Look around and you will see something that you need to get rid of. Your moving boxes! Of course, you could use some of them to pack your things for storage Sanford FL. But what about the rest of them? Well, you could always use your imagination and make great Halloween costumes out of them.

cardboard robot
To help you, we will give you some ideas for making a DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers

Tetris group costume

Group costumes are always a fun twist on Halloween! Use moving boxes to create individual Tetris shapes that will also fit with other costumes in your group. Want to be more intimidating? Use dark Halloween colors such as orange, black, yellow, purple and green.

For a snug fit when stacking boxes, cut the lids of the boxes opposite of each other when you assemble them together and use packing tape to increase stability. Once your shapes are created, use aerosol glue to stick the colored paper to the boxes. You can also spray them if you have space for this. And then use the black tape to separate the sections to create a Tetris look.

Minecraft characters

Minecraft is very popular in schools and homes across America. Many online retailers offer Minecraft costumes and props that you can easily recreate with boxes and paint, construction paper, or colored tape. This is a great opportunity to engage children in planning, designing and creating their own Minecraft head. Add a Minecraft sword or other accessory and watch your children become literal blockheads.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? This fall, a very yellow, very attractive SpongeBob can be one of your tricks with a little paint, a few details, and a sturdy box. This DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers simply asks to be part of a group. Add Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick for children or friends who are about the same age. Trick or treat with a baby? I think you mean that you trick or treat with the Plankton of the perfect size!

Retro toys

Legos and Rubik’s cubes are fantastic ways to reprofile large boxes and save money when moving to Casselberry. And another great option for group costumes. To make Legos life-size, cut the bottom of the Solo cups and then attach with a glue gun to make a circle pattern. The spray paint of the suit should be all the same color. For a Rubik’s Cube, help your child measure and divide the box into homogeneous squares, and then let them go crazy with paint in Rubik’s colors.

Packed toys

Paint a box to make it look like the outer packaging of a doll or toy. Then the owner of the costume dresses like this toy. GI Joes, Monster High dolls, Barbies, American Girls, and Cabbage Patch Kids are fantastic options for this particular costume. Once dressed, fasten the box around them. Want to increase your creep rate? Let your packed toy act like a toy. Until they come to the point where they can suddenly open their eyes, turn their heads, or do something just as scary.

Scary doll
Living dolls are always a really good (and often cheesy) horror movie


Your child will zoom the whole neighborhood in this action-oriented airplane costume! With the addition of a hat and goggles, they will take the form of a real pilot. You can create many different aircraft designs, or you can decide to use the classic model with two fins.

Submarines, tanks, and jeeps

You will have to deconstruct some boxes for these costumes, but they will be worth the work. Especially when you do it yourself. Your little sailor, soldier or pilot can help create a cardboard copy of their favorite war machine.


Who does not like a good robot? Take a box and some aluminum foil or metal spray paint and go to town! With the robot DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers, you or your kid will be the main attraction.

Barbie box

Barbie themes are always popular Halloween costume options. Why not take a step forward and create a Barbie box costume? You can scale it for an adult or child with perfect Barbie clothes such as a cocktail dress, prom dress, or our favorite red cowgirl boots.

Dice couple

Need a cute and smart costume for couples? This is easy to do and will attract everyone’s attention, especially when you ride down the street. All you need are two large moving boxes Florida and some paint. And, of course, some imagination to make it look as unique and as cute as possible.


Is your child a fan of music? With a little paint, a bit of artistic talent and a few accessories found around your home, you can easily create an iPod costume for your budding musician.

Big headphones
You can also add headphones to complete the costume

There are so many ideas that can use your bundles of cardboard boxes and packing materials. In the Pinterest and Instagram world, several searches for the costumes that your family wants to wear can yield results and a ton of information. It may take a little longer, but it’s worth it. After all, providing fun and unique costumes, memories that will last a lifetime, and saving money by making a DIY Halloween costume with moving supplies leftovers is quite a treat!


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