Moving in together 101

Moving in together can be easy.

Okay, so you and your partner have decided to move in together. You are probably aware that this is a big step. Also, you probably know that there’s a lot more to it than just moving your stuff to a new place. From sorting through your stuff to decide what stays and what goes to talking about money and rent. Getting mentally prepared to share a space 24/7 is also a big issue. Yet, you don’t have to worry too much about it. Because with help from movers Orlando, we’ve got the best practical tips and advice on moving in together. If you follow them, we assure you they will make your move a little easier and less stressful.

Let’s begin with the perks of moving in together

Before we start talking about planning and coordination that moving with your partner requires, let’s concentrate on the positive. Here are some of the upsides of moving in together and why it is a perfect solution for many couples. First, there are emotional reasons for such a decision. Meaning, you will get to spend more time together and support one another. Then, there are also financial benefits. For example, shared rent and groceries and cutting off the time and expense to commute to see each other. Also, you could share the expenses for renting short term storage in Orlando. To simplify, you can share all the bills and expenses in two. Not bad, right?

Moving in together means more time for each other.
One of the benefits of moving in together is you get to spend more time together.

The necessary activities before you move in together

If you decided that it’s time to move in together, you need to consider a few important matters. That will ensure the transition from separate dwellings to one happy home without any problems. Eventually, these steps could save you some time, money and stress before the relocation.

Look closer at all of your stuff

It’s important to know that this is the right time to look at the stuff in both of your apartments. Because most likely you could find things that are duplicates between your two places. From spatulas and coffee tables to the big stuff, like sofas and dressers. So, figure out together what you have, what you’re keeping, and what you’re selling before the move. Also, consider donating or tossing as options to declutter before you move in together. This step is so important because everything you keep adds to the cost of the move.

Pre-moving in together checklist

To be concise, here is our pre-move checklist you might find handy and practical.

  • Write down an inventory of both apartments.
  • Make a joint decision of what to keep and what to sell, toss, or donate.
  • Measure all the stuff that’s left, such as furniture, etc.
  • Figure out how much square footage you’ll need in your new home.
Moving in together means duplicate some of the items
You should declutter your stuff before moving in together. You do not want to duplicate things in your new home.

DIY or hiring movers when moving in together

The next big decision is whether you’ll do it on your own or you’ll hire movers. For people who’ve moved many times and have a system, it’s an easy decision. But for the others, doing it yourself isn’t an option. Especially if you are moving long-distance. So, if you and your partner aren’t on the same page on this matter, consider these facts. You need to take into consideration how far and how complicated the move will be. Then you need to know how much stuff you’re moving, and do you have access to a driveway. Maybe you will be forced to load and unload your stuff during time restrictions and in narrow streets. Also, you have to think about the large and fragile items that may need special packing materials and expert handling. Because you have to ensure your belongings arrive in one piece.

Decide together which items to keep, and which to donate or toss

As we already mentioned, everything you keep adds to the cost of your move. It also increases the amount of square footage you’ll need in your new space. Also, the price you’ll be quoted by the movers will be based on weight. Therefore, the heavier the load, the more expensive the relocation. Yet, if you’re considering to sell your used items, start the process as early as possible. That will increase your chances to sell them before the moving day. If you’ve decided to get rid of the items, don’t wait to see if they fit in the new home. Because it is a waste of money to pay movers to move the items you ultimately won’t keep. Instead, take measurements, consider the square footage and plan accordingly.

Finally, how to decide about the place for your new life before moving in together?

One of the difficult decisions related to moving in together is this one. Will you move into the place of your partner, stay in yours, or find a new place together? It is rarely an easy decision, and that’s if you both live in studio apartments. But, if one of you already lives in a two-bedroom apartment, it will be more difficult to decide. You need to take into consideration factors such as time to commute to work, neighborhood amenities like parks or restaurants. We advise you to talk about your must-haves. If none of your places meet your preferences, start brainstorming a shortlist of locations to start your quest.

After you move in together, you can relax and enjoy.
After you move in with your partner, you can enjoy all the perks of living together.

The summary

It is a fact moving in together takes a fair amount of planning, stress, and money. But once it’s over, you’ll get to relax knowing that you’ll be spending every day with your best friend. Enjoy your new life!


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