Moving Safely in Orlando Heat

When planning a household move, you go down the check-list of to-do items in order to be prepared, but there is one thing that no one can predict when it’s time to prep for moving day—the weather! In most parts of the country, avoiding winter snow and moving in the cooler spring and fall months can simplify the moving process, but that’s simply not true in Florida where the weather feels like summer year-round.

At AAA Insta-Move, we’ve been a professional Orlando moving company since 1997, and we know a thing or two about navigating the sweltering heat to ease the stress of the moving process! Whether you’re packing up your household in February or in the heart of a Florida summer, consider the following tips to beat the heat and stay safe when the big day arrives:

  • Hire a Team of Professionals
    Although everyone wants to save money on the process of relocating, there are some things that are best left to the professionals—including the heavy lifting of moving in the heat of the Orlando climate! Research the various moving companies in Orlando to find the ideal fit for your moving needs, and let your professional crew handle the hard work to avoid the increased risk of heat-related complications for you and your helpers.
  • Start as Early as Possible
    Even mornings can be warm when living in Orlando, but it is better to do the majority of the moving work early in the day before the sun is at its peak. Work with your moving company to plan a start time that is as early as possible on your desired date to accomplish as much work as you can before the temperatures start skyrocketing.
  • Take Time for Personal Care
    Moving day can be chaotic, but there are few personal care items that you can’t neglect when moving in Orlando—particularly hydration and wearing the right clothing for the job. Take plenty of breaks while moving, keep up on water consumption to avoid dehydration, and dress in loose, light-colored clothing to cut down on the amount of sweating that you do during the process.
  • Consider Household Storage Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home or planning a complex, large-scale relocation in Orlando, storage can be your best friend to break the moving process into manageable sections! With secured household storage, you can start loading your unused belongings into a unit well before the big day arrives—cutting down on what needs to get done on moving day and giving you space and freedom to complete the process at your own pace.

At AAA Insta-Move, we know how important it is to stay safe in the heat when moving in Orlando, and we have the skills, expertise, and resources needed to handle all of the hard work for your next household move. For more information on our Orlando moving company and the services we offer right here in the local area, give us a call! We can also get you started with a free price quote if you fill out our online form today.


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