Moving survival guide – make your new place feel like home

Make your new place feel like home

It always takes time to feel at home in the new place where you moved. Even after the moving boxes are unpacked and the refrigerator and pantry are filled with food, there is still a novelty that excludes a true sense of comfort. Sometimes this feeling persists after weeks and months after the day of moving with furniture movers Orlando FL. Finding out how to make your new place feel like home is figuring out how to make your home cozy. Only you know what really makes you feel warm, safe, and happy. But brainstorming about what these things are, and incorporating them is the first step to nurturing a feeling of home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

What can you do to make your new place feel like home?

Hang art

It can seem strange to hang art as soon as you move to a new place. You might just want to leave those paintings in storage Sanford FL until you are ready for hanging them. But there are some real advantages in choosing the previous route and decorating the walls with art earlier than later.

Coffee and book
It all depends on each individual person, but we have some ideas

Studies show that a simple look at art can reduce stress and make you happy. And besides the fact that we take great pleasure in looking at things that we consider beautiful, hanging art in your home helps to instill your personality and interests into space. The more you surround yourself with things that make you feel good, the more you capture this feeling of home.

Show off items that remind you of your childhood home

For most of us, our house or apartment in childhood is the embodiment of what “home” is actually. This is where we first felt safe and loved. You can never fully recreate the feeling of your childhood home. But you can keep a few items that remind you of it nearby. It could be a special piece of furniture, a music box from your old bedroom, or even some outdated board games. These things carry with them the warm energy of where they came from. And they have the unique ability to radiate comfort at sight. Choose a few things that keep this feeling of baby warmth, and incorporate them into your space for the experienced sensations at home, no matter where you live.

Keep clean

Do you know how a bed always feels better when you climb into newly washed sheets? This is because it is extremely difficult to be completely comfortable in a dirty place. If you are trying to understand how to make a house cozy, you need to start by cleaning it. Your physical space is an expression of how you feel, and if you want to feel truly relaxed and feel at home, you must make efforts to keep your space clean. Wash your sheets and towels regularly, keep floors and other surfaces clean. And make it a habit to clean up clutter before it gets out of hand.

Adopt a pet

A home is where love is. And there is no easier way to get a big splash of love than taking a pet from your local shelter. Animals make us happier and healthier, and the basic process of petting a dog’s back or tickling a kitten’s chin can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and give us a strong sense of social support. And although caring for a pet can certainly be a big responsibility, there are not plenty of things that make a house look more like a home than when you are met by someone who is immensely happy to see you when you walk through the front door. If you have the time, money and the desire to take care of the animal, think about taking a jump.

White dog
A little furry friend can certainly help you make your new place feel like home

Surround yourself with softness

You might have an old, awkward sofa, bought in a used store. It is clean and sufficient for its purpose. But only when you buy some soft blankets to decorate it, it will become your favorite place to sleep and rest. A cozy blanket can help make any space more peaceful and attractive. And it is easy to find a decent throw for any budget. Look at buying a weighted blanket if you suffer from anxiety or stress. These popular beddings put light pressure on your body to make you feel calmer and enhance relaxation.

Go green

Like art and animals, plants and flowers are well known for their ability to positively influence our mood and reduce stress, among other things. There is an innate sense of hygiene in nature. And we can contribute to this in our own homes by bringing greens and fresh flowers to our space. If you don’t have a green thumb to take something like a ficus or an orchid, do not worry. There are many less fussy indoor plants that even the most serial plant killers can rely on for sustainable nature in their homes. Grow herbs in mason jars in front of your kitchen window. Buy fresh flowers for yourself every week and put them on the dining table. Or choose one of the many indoor plants that do not require special care, which can survive days (or weeks) if you forgot to water.

Add extra light

Few things make a home less attractive than inadequate lighting or, worse, fluorescent lighting. Make sure your existing luminaires emit warm shades of white or yellow that promote relaxation. Then add additional lighting as needed. Almost any space can be instantly made homier with the help of several well-located lamps, string lamps or a flameless candle on a battery in a flashlight. If you can, set dimmers so that you can adjust the light intensity in the room depending on your mood. Candles will also add pleasant warmth and comfort to the room. Just be sure to put out the fire when you leave the room.

Bring home the spa

If you want your home to feel comfortable and relaxing, take inspiration from a place specially designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible: spa. Aromatherapy diffusers, candles, soft lighting, jet fountains and other spa-specific details can be built into your own home for a quick portion of home comfort.

Spa towels
Do it right, and you may not even want to leave

A house or apartment should be more than just a place to collapse at the end of the day. Personally decorating your new home can capture the feeling of warmth and convey these feelings to you when you are in there. Whether you are in a dormitory, renting or still living in a newly acquired house, decide to surround yourself with things that, first of all, make you feel good. The more things around you that make you feel happy, the more likely you are to create a strong and sustainable hygiene atmosphere and make your new place feel like home.


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