Moving to Altamonte Springs with pets

Moving to Altamonte Springs with pets can be fun

Yes, organizing and packing for a move can be extremely stressful. There are a lot of belongings you wish to preserve and get them safely to your new home. However, at the end of the day, all the stuff doesn’t matter. If a couple of glasses break, it’s not such a big deal. Or if you misplace a box full of clothing? There’s a good excuse to go out shopping for something new. On the other hand, your pets are priceless. Therefore, packing and moving with your pet can be quite tricky. That’s why you should put your mind into organizing a relocation with your furry friends. Hence, we’ve gathered some expert tips on moving to Altamonte Springs with pets. Follow them and keep your dogs and cats safe during relocation.

Before you start moving to Altamonte Springs with pets

Logically, before you go, you should start planning a move to Altamonte springs with pets. Start planning long before the moving day. To be even more precise, start planning before you even start dropping by open houses. So, do it as soon as you ask for a moving estimate in Orlando. The first rule when looking at new homes is to consider if the space is appropriate for your pet. For instance, think if your senior Lab will be able to handle the stairs of a fourth-floor walk-up? Also, when planning on moving to Altamonte Spring with pets, think about the climate that suits your pet. It is a fact some of the breeds, such as French and English Bulldogs, do poorly in humid weather. The bottom line is to think through all of the aspects when moving to Florida with pets.

Moving to Altamonte Springs with pets has to be properly planned
To enable your pet to be safe when moving to Altamonte Springs, you have to plan.

When moving to Altamonte Springs, FL, with pets, think about hiring professionals

In many cases, hiring movers in Altamonte Springs FL, to handle your pets’ relocation is the best choice. Although it might sound a little extravagant, believe us, it’s worth it. Especially if you are moving from a different country, or if you’re unable to travel with your pet. Reliable and trustworthy professionals will be able to handle your relocation with animals.

Moving company’s services if you are moving to Altamonte Springs with your pets

It’s good to know that, regarding the topic of moving with pets, movers offer a wide variety of services. Some of the pet movers arrange drop-off and pick-up with commercial airlines for pets flying in cargo. Also, others will offer to personally transport your pets by car or private plane. The choice is up to you and your needs and financial possibilities. Finally, other pet movers specialize in tricky relocations. That includes international moves that require import permits and quarantines. Anyway, if you decide to use a pet moving company to transport your pet, check them out. See if they are registered with the Department of Agriculture.

Before moving to Altamonte Springs with your animals, ease the transition

It is fact pets, especially cats, are wary of a change in their environments. Therefore, as you pack your home, think about your pets and how you can help and ease the transition. So, you could bring the moving boxes in early and let the pets get accustomed to the packing supplies. Also, you could leave one room intact until the last minute. That way, your pets will have a familiar safe space to escape from the moving chaos. On the other hand, make it easier on yourself, as well. Start by selecting a veterinarian in your new town and get your pet’s medical records transferred over before you move. By taking these precautionary measures, you will stay calm if something happens to your pet after you move.

When moving to Altamonte Springs with pets, be patient
When you are moving with pets, leave them enough time to adjust to the newly created situation.

Here are your options for transportation when you’re moving to Altamonte Springs with pets

Moving by car

If it’s possible, we would always recommend transporting your cats and dogs in a car. If your pet isn’t accustomed to car rides, you will have to prepare them. For instance, you could take a series of short practice drives, gradually increasing the duration of the ride. Meanwhile, don’t feed your pet right before your trip.  Also, if moving to Altamonte Spring with pets by car, you’ll need crates. Avoid possible damages and keep your animals in crates that are properly secured in your vehicle. When it comes to crates, they should be well-ventilated and large enough for your pet. Meaning, your pet should be able to stand up, sit, turn around, and lie down.

Your dog will enjoy moving to Altamonte Spring by car
After you decide to move to Altamonte Spring, Fl, with your pet, consider doing it by car.

Moving by plane when moving with pets

Moving with pets by car is the best choice. However, if flying to your new home is the only option, leave time to make travel arrangements. Here are some basic guidelines.

  • If your pet is small enough to travel in a carrier that fits under the seat, it’s a good thing. Because some airlines will allow your pet to travel with you. They’ll permit your pet to travel in the cabin for a fee, typically between $100-$150.
  • When your pet is bigger, the situation is a little different. Then, your pet must travel in cargo where fees are usually higher.
  • Finally, every airline will require validation from your veterinarian that your pet is healthy enough to fly.

After the move

After you arrive at your new home, your pet will need time to decompress from traveling. Also, if your pet was traveling in cargo, examine him and make sure he’s not injured or dehydrated. Finally, once you arrive at your new home, take things slow. Especially when it comes to cats, as they don’t warm up quickly to new environments. Think about setting up a room with the essentials and letting your pet slowly acclimate to his new home. Think about how to de-stress yourself, as well.


While moving to Altamonte Spring with pets isn’t so simple, proper planning will do the trick. You can ensure that the entire family, pets included, arrives home sweet home safe and sound.


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