Moving to East Orlando 101

East Orlando has something for everyone.

If you found yourself on this page, you are probably starting a new chapter of your story. You could’ve landed a new job, graduated from high school, or started a family. Or maybe you’ve finally decided to move to a dream location of yours. Keep reading for some practical advice for moving to East Orlando. Additionally, after the practical part, we’ll delve into all of the indisputable lures of the east part of O-town.

Professional help is the right choice if you’re moving to East Orlando

Whatever the reason for your move to East Orlando, the start of a new chapter is pretty exciting. It involves a lot of stress, and requires a lot of energy and planning. Most people underestimate the difficulties involved in this kind of process. Try not to make the same mistake and expect your move to be more demanding than anticipated! Having said that, be sure that professional, fully licensed and insured movers will take so much off your back.

The heavy lifting

Hiring a moving company is the first thing you need to do. They will take care of everything to guarantee your satisfaction. From packing and unpacking your most fragile objects, to loading and unloading your furniture with their service of professional furniture movers Orlando FL and advanced equipment.

Every other detail

The service will tend to all the details you can think of. They will take good care of your belongings in case some unexpected problems appear.  This requires storage units East Orlando, which they offer to their customers to ensure the safety of the goods. 

What you need to get done before relocating to East Orlando

Now you need to deal with some personal organizational tasks. The importance of a good and well-planned checklist cannot be stressed enough when it comes to moving. Are you ready to do your part? If you are, here is a list of some necessary points to think about:

  • Book your move (don’t forget moving insurance).
  • Think about how you’ll be getting there  (buy tickets on time or figure out the best route if driving yourself)
  • Manage your move-related paperwork (cost estimates, contracts, receipts,etc.)
  • Book an auto shipper
  • Create a moving inventory (categorize according to types, features, value, destination room and condition)
  • Update documents  (notify important institutions and organizations about the change)
  • Obtain medical records/school records, etc.
  • Cancel subscriptions and memberships
  • Transfer utilities before moving to East Orlando
  • Settle your bills and debts
  • Confirm your move (do it at least a couple of weeks before the move date)
  • Collect personal documents (gather your ID documents, financial documents, property-related documents and keep them by your side)
Making a detailed checklist is very important.
A well-planned checklist is crucial for a good organization.

The City Beautiful

If you think about the enjoyment that awaits you in the Sunshine State, relocation to East Orlando could never be a bad idea. Stop for a second to think about everything it has to offer. Once you do that, it will be crystal clear why this city consistently shows up on annual ‘Top Best Places to Live’ lists.

What’s the forecast?

For those who dislike heavy coats and layers, this is the city for you! Orlando has mostly two types of weather: hot and hotter! The temperature in Orlando usually stays well above 60 degrees. Thanks to the amazing year-round weather, each part of Orlando boasts a wide selection of fun things to do!

One of the beautiful beaches you can visit after moving to East Orlando.
Moving to East Orlando means you’re only a short drive away from beautiful Florida beaches.

Moving to East Orlando means a high quality of life

‘Numbeo’ reports that the health care index is high and the pollution index is low according to 2020 updates. Secondly, the cost of living index is moderate, and the property price to income ratio is very low. This means that Orlando is a pretty affordable place to live. Here is where you can find more information about the cost of living, jobs and salaries in Orlando, Florida.

A hive of activity

Thanks to Orlando’s vast territory, you are able to choose your lifestyle. Do you prefer urban city living, or suburban life away from most of the action? All in all, the East Orlando area is one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live, learn, work, and play. The East part of O-town feels like a city of its own – it has something for everyone. It offers so many interesting things to try out and beautiful places to behold. This is important to consider whether you are resettling in East Orlando or anywhere else!

Great family life

Are you moving to East Orlando with your family? You will easily find affordable housing in a neighborhood far from most of the tourism.  Moreover, it has a wide choice of family-friendly activities. For instance, the Oviedo Marketplace Mall is one of the most beloved destinations for a family day out. Firstly, there are many shops and department stores. Secondly, the mall is famous for its love for holidays, and community fundraising (Santa photos, food truck rallies, fund-raising, etc.). If you are not up for shopping, there are other fun things to do with your family. Remember that you are only a short drive away from Walt Disney World, Seaworld, Legoland, and Universal Studios.

Visiting Walt Disney World with your family is so easy after relocating to East Orlando.
Family-friendly place such as Walt Disney World is now so close to your home.

The great outdoors

People who love nature, adventure and sports will feel at home here. Thus, the rugged outdoorsy life-lovers may choose any day for a nice walk, and the intake of vitamin D, in one of the beautiful parks and other recreation areas found in the city. Secondly, there are many programs for adventurous types. For instance, a program that offers a hands-on educative experience with the wildlife. Now you can cross petting the tarantula from your bucket list! Orlando is a perfect place for sports lovers as well. There are many opportunities to play sports or cheer for your favorite Orlando sports team.

UCF area

The east part of Orlando, which is also called the UCF area, is mostly known for its academic atmosphere. It is a home for the University of Central Florida, Valencia College, Full Sail and Seminole State College. Therefore, students will easily get to the classes on time or meet their colleagues. They can also visit the Museum of American Art or the Orlando Science Center. All of this is so easy when you live near campus. Additionally, the ever-growing student population inspires an admirable extent of businesses that open annually. 


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. East Orlando boasts a rich nightlife and bustling entertainment spots, favorite restaurants, and fitness facilities. Moreover, you can enjoy a day by the river or take up a new hobby such as canoeing. In other words, the east part of O-town has it all!

Ready to start a new chapter yet?

There you go! We covered everything. We examined some of the beauties that await you after moving to East Orlando.  Then we revealed the most crucial detail to a relatively stress-free relocation – hiring a reliable moving company to do the heavy part for you.  What is important now is to not give in to the stress and to think positively. You’re only a few steps away from a brand new chapter in your life.  A fresh, lively setting will allow you to become the new best version of yourself! In light of that, you have everything to look forward to


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