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Moving to Mount Dora - sunset

While neighboring Orlando and its famous mouse often hook up all the hype in central Florida, it is a quaint town on the shore of Lake Dora that really should top your list of places for moving to Florida. This is a special place where the shimmering Dora Lake is a stellar attraction. Instagram-worthy sunsets are the main event, and the natural wonders of Florida come to life. Free from the hustle and bustle of high-rise buildings, the streets are dotted with charming historical houses and rows of eclectic, local shops and restaurants. Because of that, moving to Mount Dora is becoming more and more popular.

Due to the fact that everyone is a short walk from the city center, the days are devoted to walking on foot. And the evenings are designed to celebrate the sunset in the courtyard overlooking the calm lake. But that’s not all that Mount Dora can offer. Let’s list some of the main pros and cons of moving to this Central Florida City.

What are the pros of moving to Mount Dora?

Never utter the word “boring”

Do not confuse the charm of a small town of Mount Dora for drowsiness. You will allow the children to utter the word “boring”. Launch the Dora Lake in your own boat, rent a kayak for a leisurely paddle or a cruise. Under the moss-covered trees of the Dora Canal looking for alligators, birds and other wild animals on a trip in a pontoon boat.

Dora Lake
And it is easy to understand why so many people come here

Although theme parks are only 30 minutes away, Mount Dora is a pristine public park with greenery and lake views. In the popular Grantham Point Park, Florida’s only freshwater lighthouse, you can find the perfect place for sunset photos. Gilbert Park has a playground on a pirate ship that certainly wears out little comrades. And the winding Palm Island Promenade, which stretches along Dora Lake, offers you the opportunity to experience nature. If you do not walk, go on a tour of Segway, which also runs along the picturesque promenade.

Fest with the best

Nicknamed “The City of Festivals”, something can be celebrated in Mount Dora almost every month. Hire movers Mount Dora FL, and get a fresh taste of summer at the annual Blueberry Festival, see how colorful fireworks bounce off the lake in July, and end the summer by enjoying the seafood at the seafood festival. For cyclists, the city even has a huge cycling festival that attracts people from all over the country.

Art scene

Many artists call Mount Dora a home, which means that locals and visitors benefit from their creativity. Get rid of the summer heat and go to the Mount Dora Center for the Arts, where exhibitions of visual art are constantly changing. The center also hosts the National Art Festival, Mount Dora. The Museum of Modernism is a place where you can expect interesting exhibits.

Center for Art
Constant visits to the Center for the Art can be one of the good reasons for moving to Mount Dora

Food for every taste

Pizza again? Not after moving to Mount Dora. With more than 30 restaurants in the city center, create your own game of traveling around the world with options such as Cuban, Jamaican, German, Italian, Asian and others. Chat with the locals at the noisy British pub, have a new wine at the wine bar. Or treat yourself to an unusual party at the restaurant driven by the chef. Faces of children will light up when they wander through the pastry shops in the city center, where they can enjoy a delicious sugar rush of sweets, muffins, and ice cream. Because even children know that Mount Dora is something special.

What are some of the added benefits of moving to Mount Dora?

The home of the famous sparkling lakes, the inhabitants of Mount Dora can enjoy a unique holiday, including boating, water sports, and kayaking – the list goes on and on. Not to mention the beautiful trails for hiking and cycling!

Whether you are a young professional or an experienced person who wants to move to the place where the fun is, you should think about hiring AAA-Insta Move and moving to Mount Dora!

Mount Dora, located less than 40 minutes from Orlando, offers young professionals a bit of everything! Mount Dora has exceptional weather, beautiful parks, endless festivals and concerts, beaches and theme parks are nearby, theater, great restaurants and nightlife, diverse culture, and many beautiful little quarters.

Kids reading book
Here everyone will find something for themselves

If you are looking for a safe, fun place to call home, start a family, and also a variety of experiences, Mount Dora is what you need. It can easily be called “Mayberry of the 21st century!”.

Convenience and opportunities in Mount Dora

  • Mount Dora is conveniently located about 40 minutes from the center of Orlando and Disney.
  • Residents can take advantage of the growing economy on Mount Dora or easily get to Orlando. Moving to Mount Dora allows you to enjoy the historic city, full of character, which is away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.
  • Central Florida is home to many amazing job opportunities. Being home to large corporations such as Siemens, Verizon, Lockheed Martin, Disney World, Florida Hospital and Orlando Health, Darden and Electronic Arts and many others.
  • Living on Mount Dora allows you to be close to incredible opportunities on Mount Dora and in central Florida. And enjoying all the benefits of local people.

And what are the cons of moving to Mount Dora?

To be honest, we did not find many disadvantages of moving to Mount Dora. It is an interesting city, far away from the noise of the metropolis. And still, it can offer everything you might need. But, if you are a party person and you prefer living in a bigger city, then moving to Orlando can be a better choice for you. Whatever you choose, you can always hire us to help you with the move to your new home.


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