Moving to Orlando during the fall – tips and tricks

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Have you decided to move to Orlando? But you can’t really make up your mind when to do that? Well, first of all, let me congratulate you on choosing Orlando as your new home. Because Orlando is one of the best places in Florida for starting over. And, second of all, I want to tell you that your indecision is perfectly reasonable. Every season has its pros and cons for relocation. However, one season has more perks than the other three. And that’s fall. So stay tuned and find out with these tips and tricks why moving to Orlando during the fall is the best time to move there!

Saving up when moving to Orlando during the fall

There are a lot of reasons why most people choose the summer to relocate. Considering that families with children make up the majority of those people. The reason why they move during the summer is obvious – their children are on summer vacation. But some people choose summer because it’s easier for them to take a vacation during that part of the year and dedicate themselves to the move.

Three slinkies representing flexibility when moving to Orlando in the fall
Having less work during the fall means also that movers are more flexible to any last-minute changes

But no matter the reason, 80% of moves occur during the summer. And naturally, if you wanted to move during the peak season you’d have to pay the most. Because Orlando movers quotes are the highest during the summer. Whereas, pricing is less competitive if you wanted to move to Orlando during the fall. Hence, if you are trying to save money on your move you should take advantage of this. Due to the fact that they have less work compared to summer, most moving companies will be more willing to negotiate the price with you. So get as many quotes as you can and negotiate the price in order to choose the best moving company for you.

The ability to choose the moving date

The flexibility of the moving companies is also characteristic of relocation to Orlando during the fall. With the peak season ended, the demand for movers Orlando is far less. This means that you’ll have a lot more choices when you’re deciding on your pick-up and delivery dates. You won’t have to adjust your schedule with movers. And you could move on a weekend (something almost impossible during the summer). Plus, because of the lack of jobs, more movers will be handling your belongings and the move will go smoother and quicker.

The importance of the weather when moving to Orlando during the fall

The weather is one of the most important things when you are moving. It can affect the move greatly. For example, apart from being unpleasant moving in freezing cold can be dangerous. The ice can cause injuries easily. And loading and unloading the truck is much slower. Whereas, moving during the summer heat can be very tiring. And exhausted movers will do the job as quick as they can just to get out of the heat. Which means that they won’t be paying as much attention to your belongings. And you don’t want any of that.

A wet box
The rain can get your furniture and moving boxes wet and if the boxes get wet they are more likely to fall apart

Now, one could say that Orlando has only two seasons. One hot and rainy that lasts from May till October. The temperatures during this season are usually mid-90s °F. But most importantly, thunderstorms occur almost on a daily basis. Heavy rain and powerful winds are common for these thunderstorms. And the other one that’s warm and dry and lasts from October till April. The average temperature in January is a pleasant 60.2 °F. This means that you won’t have to worry about cold temperatures when you’re moving to Orlando during the fall. And because this is a dry season you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet. This makes moving to Orlando during the fall a perfect choice!

Tourism and moving to Orlando during the fall

Choosing Orlando as your new home you certainly know that Orlando is a top tourist destination in the USA. When you mention Orlando, many people think first of some of the most famous theme parks in the world:

  • Disney’s Magic Kingdom
  • Universal’s Islands of Adventure
  • Disney’s Epcot
  • Universal Studios Florida
  • SeaWorld Orlando

And who loves entertainment parks more than children? So it’s safe to say that most of the tourists that come to Orlando are families with children. However, seeing that the school year begins in September, Orlando will be less crowded with tourists during the fall. And this makes it easier for you and your movers to pass through the city. There’s less chance that you’ll get stuck in traffic.

Avoid moving to Orlando on holidays

Moving to Orlando during the fall is also a good choice because of the holidays. You won’t have to celebrate holidays planning and stressing about the move. Nor surrounded by the boxes. If you move during the fall you’ll have just enough time to settle into your new home. You’ll be able to take your time to get familiar with your neighborhood and the city itself. And maybe even discover some perfect places where you can buy gifts for the upcoming holidays. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and de-stress after a move.

A gift - Moving to Orlando during the fall
Spend your holidays packing only the gifts to your loved ones and not packing the moving boxes

The beginning of a school year

For all the reasons mentioned above, moving to Orlando during the fall is the best time to move. Even if you do have kids you should really consider it. Most parents choose to relocate during the summer because of the school year. But, as I’ve already said, the prices are the highest and the flexibility is the lowest during that time of the year. So if you have a tight budget, fall is when you should move to Orlando. I’m sure that your kids won’t suffer if they miss out on a few weeks in September. It’s certainly better than moving in the middle of the school year. Or worse, during the spring when they have all the final exams. There’ll be just enough time for your children to adjust to their new school and home and get excellent grades on their final exams if you move to Orlando during the fall.


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