Moving to Winter Park with kids – simple guide

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Have you decided on moving to Winter Park? But you are dreading to do so because you have kids? You are worried about how they are going to react. Or if they are going to like their new home. Well even though it’s natural to feel that way, you shouldn’t. Because Winter Park is one of the top Florida suburbs for families. So, find out with this simple guide how to make moving to Winter Park with kids a positive experience.

Why is moving to Winter Park with kids a perfect choice

Winter Park is a suburban city in Orange County in Florida. It had about 28,000 residents in 2010 but the number of residents has risen since then. It provides a good compromise between a suburban city and an urban one because it’s part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metropolitan area. And since you’re moving to Winter Park with kids you’ll be pleased to know that Winter Park has many schools and colleges that are highly rated. For example, its most famous college, Rollins College, is the oldest college in Florida and the nation’s premier liberal arts college.

The city was originally developed as a winter resort for wealthy people who found comfort in Winter Park’s warm climate and beautiful nature. At the time tourists were attracted by the Winter Park Chain of Lakes – a series of beautiful lakes connected by canals. But since then the city has grown and now it has more things that attract many tourists. Many art galleries, museums, restaurants, shops, and parks have attracted even famous people like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Larry King. And even some of the presidents of the USA like:

  • Ronald Reagan,
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt and
  • Barak Obama couldn’t resist Winter Park’s charm!

So get Orlando movers quotes and buckle up for moving to a perfect city for your family!

Moving to Winter Park with kids – preparations

Tell your children why they are moving well in advance. They deserve to know. After all, they are moving too. Besides, they will try to find the answer one way or another. So what if they think that they did something wrong and you are moving because of it? To avoid that it’d be best if you sat down with them and explained why you are moving to Winter Park and answer their questions. When they get all the answers they need, they won’t worry as much.

Children in a group hug
Give your kids a chance to make memorable memories with their friends before moving to Winter Park

So don’t wait until the last moment to tell them. I know that you want to protect them. But when you’re moving to Winter Parks with kids it’d be easier for all to tell them before. And it’ll give them more time to say goodbye to their friends. If you drop that on them at the last moment they won’t have enough time to process such a big change.

Getting your kids interested in moving to Winter Park

You can use the time before relocation to show them Winter Park and top attractions in Winter Park. You can show them pictures of your new home. Or you can even include them in decorating your new house. By doing these things you can get them excited about the move. Furthermore, they will have a sense of control if they can make decisions no matter how small they are. And that’s important because moving is a big life decision and they didn’t have a say in making it.

When moving to Winter Park with kids it’s important that they find something positive in relocation. If showing them Winter Park’s attractions fails, try finding other ways. And don’t forget about your own attitude. It has a tremendous impact on how your kids will handle the move. You can’t expect your child to be happy about the move if they can see that you’re stressed or angry about it.

Gifts - Moving to Winter Park with kids
You can get them excited about moving to Winter Park by telling them that there’ll be a gift waiting for them

Packing with kids in the house

If you have small children packing can be quite difficult. It takes a lot of your time and energy even without kids in the picture. Furthermore, kids can get injured by so many things. And even if they want to help they can make packing last forever. So hiring movers in Winter Park FL to help you is a better option when you’re moving to Winter Park with kids.

Before movers come you can include your kids in packing by letting them decide which of their belongings they want to take. That way they won’t have to worry about leaving some of their toys behind. And while you let the movers prepare everything for the move you can take the kids to a park or somewhere where they can say goodbye to their friends.

School and moving to Winter Park with kids

Before moving to Winter Park with kids you should invest some time into picking a good school. Once you’ve chosen the perfect one you can go talk to the teachers. Let them know that your kids are new in Winter Park. It’s one of the ways to help your kids adjust to a new school. Because it’ll make teachers more attentive. And they can help your child by, for example, assigning someone to show them around the school. Moreover, you can always ask them if your child is doing well.

You can also find out what extracurricular activities the school offers.  If you find an activity that your child loves you can sign them up for it. By doing so you’ll give them one more place where they can meet new children with similar interests.

Books and apple on a school desk
Having extra curriculum activities to look forward to can help your kids with adjusting to living in Winter Park

What to do after the move

Once you are finished moving to Winter Park with kids give them some space and time to adjust to their new home. Of course, you should be there for them if they want to talk. But don’t be pushy or insist on talking if they don’t feel like it. And now is not the time to be strict about how much they spend time on their cell phones. It’s important for them to stay in touch with their friends and they can do it on social media. But you can encourage them a little to go outside and meet new people. However, at the end of the day, they’ll make new friends when they are ready. So let them adjust at their own pace.


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